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  • PM Raila Odinga is a disaster for this country. He should actually stop imagining that Kenyans are little children that can be taken in by his simple empty lies. All his pronouncements are geared at casting aspersions on other leaders. I guess, thats why he has been left alone by all his former political heavy weight friends. Raila is a man who has failed to make any impact in terms of achievements. He is certainly bereft of ideas. In most cases, he has had to hijack other persons’ ideas and then quickly claim their ownership. In other instances, he even confuses issues as was the case with new constitution.

    Raila’s political career is essentially pegged on falsehoods, malice, half-truths and blatant lies. He claims to have been jailed and detained for fighting for the people. However, his involvement in a failed tribal coup resulted in both. Thus, his claim for “fighting for us” is an outright empty lie.

    As Kenyans were fighting for multiparty, Raila was still either in prison or detention. His late father was however deeply involved in the struggle. But once he passed on, Raila was to forcefully claim ownership of multipartyism. He even started masquerading as the man who apparently “liberated us” from what he termed as “Moi’s dark days” of dictatorship! Nevertheless, as aforesaid, the guy was not even on the scene during the the struggle, let alone being active participant.

    The man too claims to have brought the new constitution. But records suggest that he belatedly joined the bandwagon on a very confused premise indeed. He was unable to distinguish between amendment of a READY constitution, before or after passage, and wild potentially divisive issue of reformers and non-reformers. The document pals had already been drawn by constitutional experts led by lawyer Nzamba Gitoga! No one was opposed to it, neither was it necessary at all. What Kenyans were supposed to do during the referendum was merely to decide when some clauses were to be amended. I guess, thats why Raila had to be kept on reserve benches when the “YES Campaign” was in top gear. To this day, Raila has never regained his balance. Thats simply because he keeps on insisting that those who “opposed” the constitution can not be trusted to implement it.

    Its notable that Raila’s political career is essentially pinned on the above issues. He is also the only presidential candidate to have brought untold suffering on Kenyans. His approach on issues is always twisted. And when it comes to competition, knowing that he is armed with alot of nothing, is ever ready to use raw brutal physical force to get his way. Thats exactly what happened in 2007. His actions have always brought national shame at home and abroad. We know how he assaulted the shuttle diplomacy that he had narrowly and mischieviously reduced to “Kalonzo shuttle diplomacy.” Needless to say, he has already accepted that the whole affair was a masterstroke. But that acceptance was rather too late in the day. He owes Kenyans apology for sabotaging their national interests. Obviously, he made the country lose while illogically pretending to prevent that loss! Justice Omollo’s saga is another blunder that Raila owes the country apology. The way he set the country alight trying to get the way for his man was totally unjustified. It even puts his judgement in serious doubt indeed.

    Raila claims to have reform agenda. But all he does is to chest-thump while as stagnant as water in a drum. 5 long long years since he assumed all powerful office of prime minster, the guy has nothing to show for all the noise. There are no even signs too to suggest that he is armed with any reforms at all. All indications are that he has no idea what reforms are. Only that he uses pronouncements towards that end to put down his opponents. He cant therefore be added more power when he has miserably failed to use the one he has already. His candidature is not good for the country given the foresaid. In any case, he has always used malicious propaganda to mislead the nation. His huge investment in lies, malicious propaganda and character assassination can not afford him the opportunity to be the Republic’s president.

  • mwenye – nchi

    Kwessi Pratt why is is it your comments on the Prime Minister reek of pure deep sitted hatred, malice,and nothing positive about him.Have you ever interacted with him on a personal level to create this perception about him.You sound to be somebody so self centred. Look at the two sides of the coin.This are the kind of statements that creat enemity among fellow citizens.

    • @mwenye – nchi – I wanted to ignore you because instead of saying this or that fact is wrong, you quickly went to hide under the banner of hatred. But just to clear the air, whats this hatred you are talking about anyway? And how do I create enemity by giving true facts? I understand you are very frustrated by truth. But thats actually what you are calling self-centredness, because you dont care about those who are frustrated by the ever unending malicious propaganda, character assassinations and wanton lies. And if you have interacted at personal level with the PM, if at all thats a necessity, why cant you give us that other side of the coin that I dont seem to know my dear? Do you know how people felt after being uprooted from their homes and relatives killed because of faked election theft? This country is going to be very great one when we learn to embrace the truth, live and let live. If your idol is involved in matters that leave alot to be desired, why would you feel bad if we point them out? Your inability to face the truth or bring your version of it on the table, is actually a monumental problem facing a large number of Kenyans. You surely dont need to scream “hatred” just to some sort of protect somebody! You need to tell us clearly why you believe someone is spewing hatred. Then we can take it from there. And hatred is certainly not another word for truth my dear, lets get that straight!

  • Amboga c.

    Kenyans, let us comment on facts. The prime minister has done alot for this country. Those with eyes can see and those without eyes cannot see, hata wakipepwa mabegani. Mzee, keep up the campain for your quest for presidence. The winds and the waves shall slowly cool down. We are behind you and you will reach. Let us forget the past and move forward.

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