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  • mazzdark

    attempt by one side of the political debate to resolve the issue about the truth of the Hague process….
    NCIC was making a criminal interpretation to artistic works by the artistes and they (artistes) are entitled to hold their opinion…..
    The musicians claimed that their freedom of creativity is being infringed upon….” Let me puke!

  • U-Turn

    There is no hate speech in these songs, only that they rub some politicians the wrong way by telling them some bitter truths, Kivunja and his team should stop victimizing these musicians and get the ones engaging in real hate speech, like Mr 500. when is their term coming to end anyway, so they can be replaced with other un-biased commissioners?

  • Jackson

    THE TIMING IS SUSPECT, songs produced in 2010, and from then nobody has fight each other over its content, and even all that time Kibunja and co never heard about it nor heard anyone complaining? Leave thee young men alone!

  • chodokode

    Shame on Kibunja.The man has to convince his bosses that he needs another term ,Why has he not arrested XYZ ? Is voicing their opinion just like any other Kenyan not a democratic right?

  • If you don’t like somebody it doesn’t even mean you generalize and say you hate the entire tribe. Everyone have the right to lay down his opinion.If any person feels personalized or victimized he is the one to go to court and challenge him in court of law.Otherwise Mr Kivunja direct your Arsenal to the right direction otherwise if you want us to revisit issues go back to the time one politician said Kikuyu s should lay flat as envelops.If not first preach to Kenyans what you term as hate speech.

  • Herman

    ukabila tu ndo wenu! wen will kenyans grow? so absurd! nkt…let them rot in kamiti!

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