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Sharon Mundia is the author of the award-winning, personal style blog, This Is Ess. As a fashion fanatic, beauty lover and home decor enthusiast, she will leave you wanting to revamp your closet, home and life in general.

  • upuzi_tele

    What was this government thinking buying Iranian oil when Iran is under international sactions? Kweli we have dead men walking pretending to be leaders.

  • Bogi

    There is no UN oil embargo against Iran. The sanctions have been unilaterally imposed by the US and EU. Since we are not India, China, Korea or even Greece but instead are dependent on American and European largesse, we gotta play to the tune the pipers call. So there goes cheap oil …

  • Mazzdark

    Where are those Hague suspects who shouted themselves hoarse about Kenya’s “sovereignty” and “independence”… Where are the advocates of Kibaki’s much vaunted “look east” now that the big boys have coughed….

  • Mason

    He is used to taking order from masters(Britan or USA).

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