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  • This is sad news .

  • Mike

    very sad, and six more lost their lives just yesterday at machakos junction

  • Larry Masika


  • JK

    very sad indeed!

  • Liz

    This news brought some few chills in me since my mum works in kilifi and she had left nairobi yesternight with the 10pm bus. i couldnt just assume that she’s okay since that’s the main road she uses from mombasa to her workplace…luckily, she reached safely and even much earlier than the reported time of accident. Thank you God and RIP to the victims..Kenya is losing a lot of lives through road accidents.

  • w33_dx

    The motorbikes related mortallity is on the increase in the worst ways. Most killed are of age 30and below and things get nastier that even the national hospital is denying motorbikes victims admission coz they are overwhelming wards not even meant for such victims. Someone do something about the bikes.

  • bek1988

    Most accidents in Kenya caused by human error; This ranges from faulty m/vehicles, reckless and indisciplined drivers and suicidal tendencies inherent in a Kenyan. How do you explain a driver overtaking 10 vehicles against oncoming traffic? A short distance later you encounter the rogue driver (that is if he survives) sipping beer!

    Lets stop blaming God and the devil for our recklessness. Let’s start by adhering to road safety rules and exercising courtesy and patience on the road.

  • kiasi2

    most accidents nowadays involve ‘trucks’ how come?

    • Because the railway has had so many problems that most transporters in the region prefer to use trucks.

  • Ma’Ev

    Oh God…this is really sad.How shall we ever get a grip on these accidents!!
    May their souls rest in peace

  • onuong’a

    it’s time we use new tacts to cab this tragic scenes appearing in our screens each en every day, licensing should b to the qualified and confirmed drivers,this is so sad.

  • Emmaculate Nthenge

    My fellow Kenyans life is precious and beautiful let no hurry with no blessing bring ur life span short.Let take Gud care of uourselves lets follow the traffic rules let us be carefull when driving because children are being left orphans, wife widows and many other things left down.When we do dat we are saving our children and our future generation to come.

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