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  • smollard

    the key to end chaos or wars id to educate people and civilize country specially to places like somalia education is the key so people can have the ability to choose the right and good path

  • Jomo Kenyatta Reloaded

    I call this a case of misplaced priority! Our own (Kenyan) DO, Immigration Officer are rotting in Somalia and have never been rescued for months and yet we rush to rescue foreigners whose government are known to organise raids to only rescue their own. Shame! Rescue Kenyans, protect Kenya!

    • Before making the conclusion, contrast Daadab refugee camp and Mandera and the area under control of KDF at the time of kidnap

    • Japhet Muthomi

      Jomo you are clueless. This is war not a Sunday outing for the soldiers. Tell them where our civil servants are if you know it and they surely will be rescued. Pumbavu ya mwisho!(pulling your nose)

  • The international Community could achieve much more peace in Somalia if they spent has as much on promoting social welfare issues such as education, health and anti- poverty measures as they are spending to arm their soldiers to fight wars there!

    • Good point but if we were to give you the cash with Alshabaab around how would you go about implementing this?

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