Celebrating Workers Day; 5 of the Best Getaway Tips

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May Day is coming and I can’t help but smile at the truth in Dinah Washington’s, what difference a day makes; that little 24 hours that almost serves as a common denominator for both the super powerful nations as well as those still struggling with their own spelling! It’s that one day, that we, without a tinge of guilt, celebrate work by (almost) not working at all. If you are like most of us who look forward to making the most out of every extra hour away from your usual eight-to-five, here are a few tips from Jovago.com, an online hotel booking website; that will give you the best day yet…and make way for many more; a toast to the worker!

Lay your Bed Next to the Action

There’s absolutely no way you’ll make for a dawn-break fishing expedition or hippo spotting in Lake Naivasha, if you don’t spend your night under the yellow barked acacias that dot this beautiful lake shore. Book for a hotel next to your desired destination, better still; chose a location that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the activity ahead of time. Although sleeping closer to the source of your fun may seem more expensive, you’ll definitely realize it’s worth every last penny as opposed to the time and transport cost you may otherwise need to cough up spending the night elsewhere.

Bring no more than a Carry-on

Not exactly, but make sure that you avoid check in luggage by all means. Reason, away from the usual stories of your giant suitcase heading to Heathrow as your taxi hails you off to the footsteps of Mt. Entoto, you do not want to waste (even) a fraction of a minute at the conveyor. Remember we are trying to get the most out of, you guessed right; just one day from the usual office drag. This precious time can be spent sightseeing and posting a few braggies on instagram.

Book Express, and save the hour

The problem with cheaper flights is that they more often than not have more layovers or even plane switches that end up consuming quite a chunk of a traveler’s trip time. Most long weekend travelers are usually low on time; hence every second counts. Ascertain that your flight is direct, and well, this is not the time to test waters; if you’ve heard unpalatable rumors about a certain flyer, it’s definitely not the time to risk and review!

Organize your travels ahead

Say you plan to drive for a whole five hours just for some super-quaint weekend in Lamu or even Kilifi; the last thing you want is an hour delay at the ferry crossing, or a rough patch where your all-time faithful bakkie squeaks and yelps with every mile. Chose the most fulfilling route that takes in both adventure and the time limitations. Map your route ahead of time, activate and update your GPS, mark out the gas stations as well as the terrain to prepare you mentally. Lastly, ensure your tool kit is in tip top condition and pack a spare wheel or two for those driving. If you are arriving by flight, make sure your airport transfer whether via cabbed service or public transport is easy to find and safe to ride.

Be Reasonable; you can only do so much!

You know how we’d want to pack every last adventure into our two day holiday; it’s practically not possible. List about three day time activities that you must do, or places you must visit and make these your top goals for the trip. Once you’ve allocated time to your top-three, you can then organize your evenings accordingly. No matter what happens, be sure to enjoy every last minute of your trip; remember in author Chuck Thompson’s words; “No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be”

Bon voyage!

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