#TrendAlert: The Hatchling neckline that’s perfect for this rainy season

Hatchling trend

After complaining about the blazing, relentless heat Nairobi endured for months, the weather finally gave in to our cries for mercy. Ladies and gentlemen, the rainy season is finally here. And it seems like it’s here to stay for a while.

Given the change of weather, it’s about that time your wardrobe required a quick overhaul featuring pieces more weather appropriate but stylish nonetheless, of course.


We’ve seen turtlenecks make a comeback on the runway, street style and celebrity looks, inspiring many to embrace this style for the chilly season.

But given the inconsistent nature of the weather (one minute it’s raining cats and dogs, the next it’s like a scene from the Sahara Desert), you can find yourself blindsided by wearing a turtleneck.

Solution? The hatchling neckline.

Not only is this a chic option, it’s also a convenient one.

Also known as the baby turtle, the hatchling neckline doesn’t extend as high as a turtleneck and is a bit more forgiving for those with shorter necks.


This modern and modest trend is bound to stick around for a while so you might as well consider adding it to your wardrobe!

Happy shopping.

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