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  • lutz720

    This wreckage is going to be removed and will be put and stored in some
    place securely until the investigation is complete,” he added but could
    not state when they will start removing it.

    the wreckage will dissappear one by one..and they will hire foreign police comissioner to guard the debris..(remember the seized cocaine and how they hired artur brothers as police commssioner to inspect the cocaine). Saitotis family should just let it go coz this investigation will not go anywhere!!!

  • boiyot

    These people making noise have got absolutely no idea how the investigation should work. I do believe that mapping is very much essential as it is a one off thing. Once things have been moved, you can never re-establish the crime scene.
    We should accord the ‘real’ investigators as much time as they need. It’s not like we’ll get any bonus by rushing things anyway. Better be thorough and slow than fast and shoddy!

    • Truth shall set you free

      yes and “leave no stone unturned”

  • Joseph

    Ngatia is a lawyer and I believe i trained to interpret laws and argue them in court. He should stop trying to make him look more relevant by making sensation statements. The real investigators should be allowed to do the real job

  • mercy

    am sure some parts of the helicopter went missing the very same day night. Be fast on the investigations please

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