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  • Jane Njeri

    Just sad…as a country we should be taking this advisories from the west seriously because they’ve got more intelligence sources than us. our intelligence has also done its bit since they have been able to foil other attacks but a lot more can be done than just intelligence. the security is below par and it’s by God’s grace that some of us are still able to see tomorrow.

  • Barnabas

    The US has more inteligence than our police therefore ignoring the advisory costed us lives.More security should be put in place all over the country.Our police should also liaiase with the US security intelligence in order to curb the issue of insecurity in Kenya.

  • Joshua Nairobi

    Kimemia shld expain to kenyans weather the stance he took was agorvement one or just is. At this time when our security is shaken he shld be strongly condemed by all kenyans. And he shld owe an apology to all kenyan. I say pole to all people involved!

  • Kaye

    Just goes to show that how much intelligence we receive we will never be prepared for it

  • Amin Abdullah

    According to Tourism Minister Dan Mwazo the advisory issued by the American State department was issued after Americans received information from kenyan intelligence that there was reason to believe that Mombasa was targeted for an attack. The lapse on the part of the kenyan authority is the absence of proper communication of such information to the kenya public . In the future the government should not wait for Americans to issue threat advisories but should instead provide the public with warning in order for them to make judgements on wether to avoid high target places such as public gatherings and entertainment centres. A plain reading of the American advisory would appear like it was intended for the American citizens and not kenyan’s residing at the coast. Our prayers go to the families of all the victims in this callous incident.

  • kimemia is no different to mutua!!

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