Idris Elba says James Bond role is “a gift of a part”

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Idris Elba says the role of James Bond is “a gift of a part” but reports of him getting the role are just rumours.

The ‘Bastille Day’ actor has been linked to the part of the suave super-spy when Daniel Craig retires and although he refused to be drawn on it, Idris admitted it is a great role.

He said: “It’s a gift of a part for any actor. That’s really it. Conversations about me being Bond are just rumour.”

But he insisted there is one problem with him getting the role of James Bond.

When the interviewer told him: “It’s said that all an actor playing 007 needs to do is look good holding a gun,” Idris replied: “I squint when I shoot.”

However, Idris’ career is flourishing even without a part in the successful franchise and he is optimistic about the future of the industry.

He told the Sunday Times Culture magazine: Not to brag, all right, but I’ve had a lifelong career, and at the SAGs [Screen Actors Guild awards], I got a nomination as an actor in TV and as an actor for a film. That encapsulates what’s great about the industry right now. That, you know, ‘Luther’ — not even ‘The Wire’ — gets nominated for good acting in TV, alongside a film like ‘Beasts of No Nation’, which is at the cornerstone of independent film-making. It was a pinnacle to be recognised in both those spaces. Our industry’s healthy in that way. A younger actor has Oscars coming, Emmys coming.”

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