#CarNews: Review of 2016 Ford Everest


There is something exciting about new cars. On Sunday, car enthusiasts congregated at Carnivore grounds in Nairobi where CMC Holdings launched their six 2016 Ford models in the Kenyan Market.

The family fun day event gave car buffs such as myself a chance to drive and experience the Ford Everest, which blew me away with its amazing features.

2016 Everest Experience

First things first, the Everest is tastefully designed. The SUV is capable of taking head on any terrain. It is the epitome of ruggedness yet is also refined. It brings forth a combination of stylish design, modern technology like voice command, balanced on-road and off-road capability, and a sophisticated interior.

Do you love road trips with your girlfriend, family or friends? Then this is the car for you. The 2016 model is very spacious and can cater for any family size. With seven leather-upholstered seats, there’s plenty of room inside the all-new Everest to take the whole family, dog, cat or whoever is coming along for the ride, all in total comfort.

If you are tired of the engine and outside noise disturbing your driving experience, the Everest has an active noise cancellation capability that guarantees serenity inside the car. The  electric panoramic moon roof takes up almost 50% of the roof space which enables everyone in the car to experience breathtaking outdoor view while on the move. The Everest, therefore, is the ultimate pleasure for any adventure.

For off-roaders, you are sorted. If you are looking for traction and grip, even in slippery or rugged terrains, the electronic locking rear differential provides full engine torque to both rear wheels, even if one is off the ground.

On the open road, this SUV is a smooth ride. Unlike rigid suspension systems, the Everest’s Watt’s Linkage Suspension delivers improved stability and handling with maximum comfort.

The all-new Everest handles hilly slopes with ease. Hill Descent Control uses the brake system to take you downhill at a safe and steady pace. On an incline, Hill Launch Assist removes the fear of rolling.

If you are annoyed by the habit of drivers dazzling other road users with direct light from the car at night, the new Everest sorts that out. There is a camera which is mounted on the rearview mirror to detect oncoming traffic and turns your high beams on and off, as needed. How cool is that? Signature LED lighting sleekly wraps around the headlamps, giving the Everest a continuous glow and added visibility.

Just to enhance the safety of the car, an airbag for the driver’s leg is available and SYNC voice-activated system where you can call family and friends just by saying their name, ask it to read out incoming texts on compatible mobile devices, or play your music the way you like.

The nightmare of parking is also over. You don’t need to have somebody help you while parking. At the press of a button, Active Park Assist not only helps you find the right size parking spot, it steers itself in. Simply take your hands off the wheel and watch as it parks perfectly. All you have to do is control the gears, accelerator, and brake.

Now let’s talk about the engine power.

Ford Everest’s advanced 3.2L TDCi Turbo Diesel engine delivers 147kW of power and 470Nm of peak torque, all without compromising fuel efficiency.

Ford Everest’s turbocharged 3.2L diesel engine lets you effortlessly cruise around town while still giving you all the power you need to tackle your off-road adventures. As a person who is conscious about fuel, you will also be happy with the extra kilometers  built into its fuel economy.

I can go on and on describing this amazing car. To experience the all-new Everest for yourself, book a test drive with CMC Motors.

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