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  • Bogi

    A college degree is in no way a measure of a person’s ability. Prominent leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Lula (Brazil) had no college degrees. Nor did Steve Jobs, Bill Gates (for a long time) and countless other IT greats. This katiba sucks!

  • njoro

    Kenyans we should realise majority of this Mps are there for their own selfish ends. Since the political class has failed as a progressive force, we the people should take the lead in umasking the political rot that is hindering progression and overall social mobility. We should name and shame this people whose behaviour is tantamount to TREASON. Doesnt the Kenyan constitution give all of us equality. This traitors should be taken to court and prevented from running for any office.Though the Government doesnt have laws on treason, we should enforce and evoke chapter 2 article 10 (2) (c) of the constitution. Dear Kenyans just ask your self this question. How has my life been for the past two years?? would it have been better if ,the leadership in this government took the right steps and offered good governance?? If yes then lets get rid of this vermin that has plagued our society

  • Tigania East MP Peter Munya should know that even a humble clark needs some sort of post Secondary School qualification. His statement that, ““The people with degrees in Kenya are less than 200,000…” is as laughable as his arguing that setting academic conditions would be discriminatory and unconstitutional. Idiocy breeds idiocy.
    MP’s that keep falling over each other to pass such redundant rulings as well as constantly increasing their salaries are Killing this nation. @Bogi. I could also argue that Moi had none and see the mess he left us in. Amin had none, what did he do? The issue here is ‘we spend billions writing a new constitution. And then MPs gang up to mutilate it in one night” We have serious problems and we need serious minds to tackle them. The people you mention transformed the status quo either in technology or their respective economies. What are the likes of our childish MP’s doing? And why at night?

  • Please someone explain to this stupid braindead goons kenya politicians its not discriminatory to set standards for future Mps rather than away of weeding out jokers and people who do not have what it takes for the job!!! #thats why we have job level in the GOv?????#

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