#WeirdNews: Baby born in McDonalds has fast-food photoshoot

Pommes frites von McDonalds und Ketchup Tüte der Fa Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH, München, die seit 1972 Mc Donald's in Deutschland beliefert. dahinter eine Flasche Heinz Tomato Ketchup. Foto: Horst Galuschka

A baby born in a McDonald’s car park had his first photoshoot featuring the burger chain.

Leah Knowles and her husband Carl welcomed Logan into the world two weeks earlier than expected when the heavily pregnant mum-to-be went into labour on Easter Sunday, in the grounds of the fast food restaurant at Southend Airport Retail Park.

The couple pulled into McDonalds after Lea felt contractions and realised baby Logan couldn’t wait any longer.

Leah told the Daily Mirror: “My husband doesn’t know the area too well and just pulled into the nearest place with people – but it wasn’t an ideal location.

“There were some people around and I was concerned about whether they might see but at least we weren’t still driving at the time…. The pictures are amazing, we’re really chuffed with how unusual they are.”

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