Watch: Kavi Pratt takes Kevin Maina hostage in new music video

kavi pratt

The Kenyan songstress Kavi Pratt released her new single and video “Only Lover,” earlier in the month.

“I feel really great about this video, it’s quirky and different just like me. I think it’s really hilarious as well and I was really relaxed and comfortable working with my creative team,” Pratt shares. “We came up with the concept together with Mbithi and he did a fantastic job bringing the vision to light. As of the song itself, Jaaz is always great to work with always he’s so professional and creative.”

The funky R&B and house song is produced by Jaaz Odongo (of Motion Image and Sound). The music video was directed by Mbithi Masya and its cinematography and colouring was by Joan Poggio.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch “Only Lover” below:

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