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  • Shadrack Bugatti

    I suspect the Koreans meant RAW energy.

    There could have been a problem with direct translation from Korean into English.

    Very interesting, because I’ve just been reading a management book about Korean Air, and how a new western manager insisted that all front office staff must be fluent in English.

    • Or maybe they foresaw the lion and lion cubs being killed!!!! NOW THATS PRIMITIVE ENERGY!

  • Collins Mwenda

    #primitiveenergy i like thumping my chest and let out a huge fart when i am excited…i did so when i opened this page…Oh me oh my…nways, this is just ridiculous..kwani they dont use google to translate their primitive language?

    • mary

      This ain’t a translation issue Collins! They meant just that!

  • If your best sleeping facility is a reed mat, it behoves upon you to bow to the guy who sleeps on a bed…..even call him “sir” on encounter, and wake up and get off your lousy mat before he rises from his bed too(lest he tramples your lazy kidneys anyways). If you were rated at the same GDP rating with this bed sleeping fellow only forty odd years ago, and now he’s got under his repertoire Hyundai Genesis and Samsung galaxy III, while all you can boast of is a government that puts more premium on dirty black oil instead of clean water and accessible health for all……that fellow can as well call you a dark hairless bonobo ape for all i care!! South Koreans, look for a worse name for us please!

    • mary

      Spot on!

  • mary

    I love you Koreans, been wondering how to call this type of energy and you couldn’t have been so right. However, we do have another developed energy (lol!) that’s usually not quite featured by the media and now that you are coming into the country, you will soon rub shoulders with it!!!! Karibu Kenya where we all have energy!!!!!!!

  • makray

    If you guys make me laugh anymore, I shall unleash my primitive energy on you. I promise. Don’t irk a primitive maniac!!

  • Words can bring peace or war; love or hatred. Never underestimate the power of words.

  • SkumiWaki

    I’m going to register my complaint with Korean Air via smoke-signals and my Maasai kudu horn.

  • perepepe

    Disgusted Kenyans chilling out at the African Savannah have collectively unleashed primitive energy at their displeasure at Korean Air’s comments…somehow it got on twitter and went viral.

  • Aptbks

    Well, there is some truth to it anyway. Wonder why they have to apologise for saying it. Anyway, they have said it all the same.

  • upuzi_tele

    We are primitive anyway. Thats why we believe we gonna be rich if our tribesman becomes the president.

    • Faith

      AMEN Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t have said it any better!!

  • nzosh2012

    Although they may apologize, we can’t make them change what they think we are. In my opinion, we should be glad at least we know what they think of us.’ which of course can’t harm us because what they think of us doesn’t make us who we are. If we know and are confident of who we are, we don’t have to be aggressive in defending ourselves. For example, if your are very “smart” and someone calls you a fool, you don’t have to be very mad and defend yourself because you know who you are. Even if they are using the label “primitive” deragatorily while knowing very well that we are not, it’s their problem and shows their weakness. It’s possible though that they are using it out of ignorance of who we are, in which case it’s okay to educate them – which is what, I believe we are doing now! On the other hand, before we judge them harshly, let’s remember that Koreans are not native English speakers and they might not even understand the meaning of the word, “primitive.”

  • what?… they insulted us? here..hold my beer am gonna beat the heck out of them with my uprooted rail chain.

  • Goerge

    Primitive energy, I agree, no dispute, people full of primitive energy, I need not elaborate, yes it is primitive energy, watu bure kabisa.

  • Faith

    Bloody #primitiveenergy #koreanAir

  • ken

    maybe, just maybe its a case korean-english translation issue. Primitive energy doesn’t make much sense, but then again we expect Korean Air to come out and xplain

  • PrimitiveKenyan

    well well, can we say this is a new Airline that seeks to enter a new market with “primitive energy” and this was a “primitive mistake”. If they can give us ‘#PrimitiveOffers’ to Dubai, well and good……

  • Yung park

    why is kenyans people mad at language we not use? english is foreign to us and we didnt pass well in them clases english peolple teach us. we love our language and mistkes hapen when not planned to hapen. i am a korean person living in gigiri for past 5 years and love kenya as second home but you kenyans not patient and judge hashly. thenk you

  • Koreans are mostly a primitive people. Maybe they were paying us a compliment.

  • i think it was a case of kututukane ndio wajulikane..tuendelee ama tusiendelee

  • Charles G.

    Where in China is Korea?

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