Prince William makes dosa, royal couple meet top Indian fan


Britain’s Prince William helped to cook a dosa in Mumbai on Monday after he and wife Kate met perhaps their biggest fan in India, making the 93-year-old’s dream come true.

The Duke of Cambridge met entrepreneurs and inventors in the western city before making the Indian pancake using an innovative automatic device called DosaMatic.

After watching a demonstration, William gladly poured some batter and waited for the dosa to cook before tasting a bit and declaring it “not bad”, although the Duchess could not be tempted with a bite.

“The Duke said he would love to have the machine in his palace,” Eshwar Vikas, device inventor and chief executive of Mukunda Foods, told reporters afterwards.

Day two of their tour of the Indian subcontinent came after the royal couple met Boman Kohinoor, owner of Mumbai’s most famous Parsi cafe, on Sunday evening.

Kohinoor, 93, has a strong claim to be India’s biggest fan of the British royal family — giant cardboard cutouts of William and Kate adorn his restaurant — and he told AFP on Friday he was desperate to meet them.

His dream came true after William and Kate were made aware of a social media campaign with the hashtag #WillKatMeetMe.

“TRH (their royal highnesses) were very touched and invited him to their hotel before last night’s charity gala,” Kensington Palace tweeted on Monday, accompanied by a photo of them meeting Kohinoor.

– ‘Namaste Mumbai’ –

William also got behind the wheel of a racing car simulator on Monday, as he and Kate chatted with entrepreneurs at Social — a trendy meeting place in Mumbai.

The prince met officials from Mahindra Racing, which manufactures Formula One-style electric cars, and tested their latest invention.

William rounded off the morning’s event by making a short speech to launch an awards programme for Indian startups called the Tech Rocketship Awards.

After walking onto the stage he started by bowing slightly as he put his hands together and said “Namaste (hello), Mumbai”.

“Catherine and I are very impressed by the energy and ideas we have just seen. Being here today, it is clear that India is leading the way in so many areas of innovation and technology,” he said.

“Your ability to innovate is not just good news for India but it’s great news for the world. With one sixth of the world’s population, young innovators like you must play a major role,” William added.

The 33-year-old then pressed a button to officially launch the programme, setting off exploding confetti.

“All this innovation and we get this!” William quipped to laughing quests.

The couple later flew to New Delhi where they were due to visit India Gate before a dinner to mark Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

In Delhi, they will also have lunch with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday before heading to Kaziranga National Park in the country’s remote northeast to see endangered rhinos.

The couple will also spend two days in Bhutan, where they will meet the Himalayan nation’s king and queen and embark on a six-hour hike.

They will return to India to finish their tour in Agra on Saturday by visiting the famous Taj Mahal.

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  1. Avatar mugambi John. June 18th, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    We Meru People do not subscribe to the heard mentality like lakeside guys,,, I doubt even Imanyaras wife will support Fora or whatever it is…Fora stands for everything we Hate but you can bring your cheap cash we EAT….

  2. Avatar Joel Wakayima June 19th, 2012 at 12:53 am

    Change agents around the EA region should be following political developments in Kenya with keen interest. Obviously, Imanyara’s connection with Raila through FORA is a phenomenon. Advocates of change remember Imanyara to have stood his ground during Museveni’s sham election which he denounced as not free and fair. Among the observers from the EA region, Dr. Imanyara stood alone to tell the truth about the vote thuggery by Museveni and his cohorts.

  3. Avatar Pratt June 19th, 2012 at 10:19 am

    Hon. Gitobu Imanyara decision to join merchants of deceit is likely to turn to a serious miscalculation. Thats not strange given that all fellows wearing fake reform stickers have always been overwhelmed by propaganda from these lying merchants. Obviously, its within Mr. Imanyara’s right to choose. However, we hold the view that this matter of reform is not there on the part of deceitful merchants. Whats there is a deliberate agenda to victimize a certain community once some one purportedly assumes office. There is indeed solid evidence to show that these guys, masquerading as reform agents, are no more than bitter people hell-bent on punishing one community. That empty bitterness and sheer jealousy is being falsely fronted as reform agenda, is not in doubt at all. After all, in 5 long long years, if some one had any agenda for reform would have, at least, put some efforts towards that end. However, what we have had in these long long years, are mere set of well sounding words that are backed by vacuum! This is the situation that has pertained to close to over 30 years now. No achievements at all, but mere conman traits ever on display! Reformers cant be that stationery surely. Furthermore, when reformers assume high offices, they quickly put their reform agendas in full swing! We cant endure a situation whereby some conmen purport to set the pace for the whole country. Needless to say, of late, we have witnessed some of these conmen eating their own vile propaganda. That was seemingly meant to set the pace for us. Justice Omollo’s saga and the shuttle diplomacy, that was roundly condemned by merchants of deceit, are very good examples, whereby the country was forced to follow blind people. First, someone set the country alight trying to pave the way for Omollo to become the Chief Justice of the Republic. It then took only a few days to establish that Omollo was not even fit to hold his former judicial job! And before that , all manner of propaganda had been visited on the country. Needless to say, to this day, those who caused delay in implementing the constitution never apologized to us for their misplaced adventures. The shuttle diplomacy was also another issue that was used to hold the country hostage. Infact, the character and judgement of a top government official was seriously questioned and even dented. Nevertheless, a few months later, same same merchants of deceit, who went flat out to tarnish the name of one of Kenya’s best sons, suddenly started showing clear signs of admitting that shuttle diplomacy was indeed a very good idea. That was of course, too late in the day! UN had already dismissed our petition and the matter at stake taken to ICC. Our brothers now have to be at the mercy of foreign forces, courtesy of our short-sighted illogical creatures. And if people aspiring to be president can make these kind of blind judgements and quickly embrace what they even violently opposed only the other day, what kind of president would they be anyway? And can Kenyans trust such empty heads? My friend Hon. Gitobu Imanyara is now telling us this is what we should do! While I seriously dont foresee him even winning his seat, my advise to him is to tread carefully. Leadership cant be pegged on fictitious feats and usurped achievements. Reform, thats supposed to transform the lives of Kenyans, must be based on concrete deeds and not mere desire to punish others. That business acumen of some of our folks is being targeted as one of the so called historical injutices, is no longer in doubt at all. Kenyans are not going to elect anyone, including Imanyara himself, because of singing only empty reform songs. They need real action that will put more food on their tables. They are not going to elect anybody for laying false claim on ownership of multiparty and constitution. Kenyans are the true owners of these two things. Hon. Imanyara should thus prepare himself to be another shouting activist in the streets of Nairobi. Perhaps, he should rejoin Nairobi Law Monthly were he performed pretty well!

    1. Avatar Mazzdark June 19th, 2012 at 1:16 pm

      Pilipili usioila…….


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