#Gadgets: The App that will take control of your sex life


sex toy app remoji

Your partner is 1,200kms away on a business trip, or maybe your lover is catching your gaze across a crowded room at a boring work cocktail event. What do you do? Perhaps you could fly across the ocean and surprise them at their hotel room, or maybe you could just simply walk through the crowd and hold them.

REMOJI™ boasts that it’ll take control of your sex life―via remote control. Four sex toys when used with the app, are designed to provide the best remote intimate experience by freeing-up your hands and also giving control to your partner.

The team behind this new app believes that by creating an app rather than a traditional remote, they’re taking something you’re already constantly using, your phone―to listen to music, play games, stay in touch with friends, hook up with new ones―and making it something that you don’t have to put down during sex, but will actually make sex better, and probably more frequent since it’ll be so fun.

Perhaps the most exciting part to this app, together with the series of sex toys, is that it will work to different music genres to help you find the perfect rhythm between you and your partner by allowing you to customize the speed and beats to your music.

The series of sex toys will pair with the app through Bluetooth, come fully waterproof and are all USB rechargeable.

The REMOJI™ has launched a crowd funding campaign, and with 11 days still left, the app has already received more than 478% of their initial goal. The series of sex toys is expected to be shipped out to all campaign backers in May 2016.








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