#10Questions: Kenya’s jazz maestro, Aaron Rimbui

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“There’s always someone that has to start that movement, so let me start and dive into it.” So says Aaron Rimbui, the Kenyan jazz musician who’s been instrumental in reinvigorating and establishing a flourishing jazz scene in Kenya through events such as All That Jazz and Safaricom Jazz Festival.

The pianist, keyboardist, composer, producer, bandleader and radio presenter has come a long way. Rimbui first started as a studio engineer and was accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, but was unable to attend due to the high tuition costs.

Despite the challenges early in his career, Rimbui recently released his third studio album, Deeper, galvanizing his reputation as a force and a master in the jazz world.

 DEEPER is at No. 1 on the iTunes Jazz Charts! Download it here https://itun.es/ke/qIAmab

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“I think this album is my best foot forward. I’ve found my “sound” for the rest of my life. The previous ten years were more like experimenting.”

The sound of Deeper revolves around the “trio sound” – piano, bass and drums, which gives the album a very straight-ahead jazz vibe; and differs from Rimbui’s first two albums, which had a smooth jazz approach.

Capital Lifestyle sat down with Rimbui for an exclusive, quick round of #10Questions to get to know him better.


What is your screensaver?

Pond and some ducks…very peaceful…I like nature

Live today like it’s your last or live today like it’s your first?

Live today like it’s my first

What’s your favourite dish?

It has to have chilli…has to be hot…I’m a rice guy..like all sort of rice…curry…especially hot chili curry beef stew with rice

What is the worst thing anyone’s said to you?

I studied fine art in highschool…my art teacher said I couldn’t make it. As a teacher, you should never say that…no excuses

Ghandi or Martin Luther King?

Martin Luther King

What is your most treasured possession?

Possesions are just things and things are replaceable. But, people are not though. People are more important, but they’re not possessions. I treasure relationships with people.

What is your favourite word?

The phrase: Thank you

What do you want to say to your parents?

Thank You!

What keeps you awake at night?

I have a purpose in my heart. I am currently 36 years old and by the time I turn 42, I will have won a Grammy. That goal is what keeps me up. Why 42? Major milestones in my life have happened in a seven year cycle.

How would you like to be remembered?

–      As a good man

–      Career: that I bit the bullet, despite all the odds, I just did it. I want to encourage people to puruse what they want to pursue and to live their dreams

–      As someone who realized their full potential and their gifts


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