#Tastemakers Ep. 17: Chef Philippe Wagenfuhrer talks passion in the kitchen

EAT philippe wagenfuhrer tastemakers

Chef Philippe Wagenfuhrer is one of those personalities where a short meeting can turn into a whole day affair because the interesting conversations take on a life of its own, and time simply passes with ease – especially when you’re sipping on a pint of Raspberry Ale, brewed by the man himself.

Chef Philippe’s culinary style is distinctive and marries global flavours harmoniously. The celebrated restaurateur and chef brought his distinctive culinary style and expertise to Nairobi back in 2011 as a guest chef at the business hotel, Sankara Nairobi.

In a special episode of Tastemakers, Capital Lifestyle heads to Johannesburg, South Africa and pays a visit to Chef Philippe’s latest fine dining venture, EAT.



About Tastemakers

Passion for craft captured. Tastemakers is an inspiring, quirky, colourful and personality driven online video documentary series curated and directed by award-winning lifestyle journalist Susan Wong (@susanluckywong), and produced and edited by Francis Mbatha (@francombatha) – dedicated to sharing the amazing personal stories behind good craft.

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