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  • Rf7247

    Obama is evil. Period. Add to that the sinful Holder, who constantly discards the law just to get the vote of the next totally stupid person who will vote for Obama. Why could have believed our Attorney General of this great country would say, after all the billions given to blacks through affirmative action, that what the Black Panthers did by trying to intimidate voters was OK because of what happened to “his people.” Disgusting!!!

    • jonathanhakim

      Are you sinful too, or are you sinless?  And do you love your enemies or prefer to spit hate at them?

    • Your comments themselves are disgusting and moronic. Typical of the identikit, idiotic and deluded republican supporters who cannot see the forest from the trees. Who gave you the right to call someone evil? For your information, the man you call evil, i.e President Obama, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on his first year of Presidency – “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” 

      In addition, the whole world knows what mess George ‘Dunderhead’ Bush left for Obama. It was Bush who lied to the whole world about WMD so that he would go into Iraq to loot their oil.Lastly, it seems you’ve got your knickers in a twist with issues of blacks, Obama, sin, evil, etc, my suggestion would be to get yourself an education instead of parading your ignorant bigotry.  

      • Rf7247

         I have an education, with a 3.8 GPA. I give my self the right to call someone evil. Holder is a pathetic excuse for an Attorney General. Obama is evil. He disregards our laws, as does Holder, he lies about what he has done for this country, and being a Republican is something I am proud of. Your ignorance in saying only Pres. Bush believed the WMD story is beyond reality. (Look it up!) Obama was given the Peace Prize as a token from a committee that thought it would be easier for other countries to manipulate him. Yes, I said token. Truth is not bigotry. Your ignorance in twisting my quote to say what I did not is blatant. To Jonathan below – I do not hate anyone, but I certainly hate their ways. I especially hate the corruption of Pres. Obama and Holder suing states for enforcing laws, disregarding voter intimidation laws, refusing to bring forth documents that are legitimately owed to the public, and most importantly, Obama’s apologizing for our country in order to elevate himself. By the way, did you see how the world is now aware of what this man is, and is not!. He has strengthened absolutely nothing.The polls are out there. Go look.

        • Thankfully, you do have an education though sadly it doesn’t seem to have imparted much objectivity – not in this discussion anyway. Its interesting yet disturbing to note that you give yourself the right to call someone else evil. I suppose the whole world would be a better place if we all ‘gave ourselves’ the right to indiscriminately label others as evil? Talking of evil and illegality, former President Bush did coin the phrase, ‘axis of evil’ just before illegally invading Iraq. Indeed truth is not bigotry but one exhibits bigotry by labelling others evil and in inference, themselves as good without a basis. I am not in the business of twisting ppls quotes for whatever reason, if anything the converse is true in this case. Actually its a classic example of projection. I did not say President Bush believed the WMD story, (- frankly I have no way of knowing if he believed it or not) I said he lied to the world about WMD, there is a difference. What is blatant here is you accusing a much respected organisation of issuing tokens in the name of Nobel Peace Prizes.

          You talk of corruption, President Obama is clean as a whistle compared to former Vice President, Republican Dick Chenney, of the previous administration. It was Dick Chenney’s company Halliburton that benefited from blood money in Iraq. Now this is a true example of corruption and sleaze; Bush lying to the whole world about WMD, invading Iraq then ‘awarding’ a $7bn contract to his chum Dick Chenney’s company, Halliburton.
          Lastly, they say it takes a man to apologize and more so for a mess he did not create. Its incredible then how you would interpret Obama’s apology as self elevation while in his wisdom as a global statesman all he’s trying to do is salvage whatever is left of America’s credibility. Credibility, which George ‘Dunderhead’ Bush singlehandedly squandered.

        • Hemp Truth

          OMG a birther…. please go home, troll

    • Hemp Truth

      But invading Iraq? G-DUB & Cheney? Constantly discard the law? What the… What are you NOT smoking to believe just drivel… Face it, Neo – cons died out with the last total world financial collapse – Repubs are 2 and 0 for depressions… YAY!

  • jonathanhakim

    From this article if feels like Romney’s response to the accusation that he has no platform and just blames Obama is to once again blame Obama.  I hope the public can see that and force a real discussion of both candidates’ positions before the vote.

  • Coashsenior

    Obama is not evil but what is evil is the way that the lower class and middle class people are treated like and all the congress that will not get off their lazy asses let them try working for $10 an hour than you will see some real changes made .Obama is the best man for the job right now 

  • nomoredem

    Obama’s tweet would be “IT’S NOT MY FAULT” !!?

    • Hemp Truth

      That would be accurate, Nomo… If you learn recent American History, that is… NOT his fault indeed

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