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  • Jane Kimeu

    The same should apply to big wigs of the PEV cases….it’s really unfortunate that the judiciary is double faced..

  • Lavedith

    I thought the penalty for murder is a mandatory death sentence?

  • Jimmy Kifaki

    I wish this was UHURU, RUTO and Muthaura not small fish

    • Edmus Kavuvali

      Gosh!!! what is the size of your IQ??? Continue evolving

    • Ngoma

      Did Uhuru, Ruto and Muthaura raise machete, light the arson match, steal the cows or uproot the railway? Idiot

  • It is justice but i don’t think its the right way to heal. what do you think is happening at the neighbors now where one family is celebrating and the other is crying. Its a revenge if i may put it. Healing and reconciliation should be the right way!

    • Anampiu Nguthari

      boss i hope you re-evaluate you thought pattern and moral code.he killed a man he should face the music,if you think that jailing a murderer is revenge then you’re really messed up.irrespective of the scenario or people involved a murder is a murder.

    • Sly Kiv

      Noah my fellow Kenyan, tis is the law taking its course its not about revenge. the guy killed!!!

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