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  • Yahala

    May God the Al-Mighty uproot criminals from our beloved country and bestow it with justice and peace.
    May the Al-Mighty God slash Uhuru,Ruto and Muthaura the most painful punishment here and and in the Hereafter and make them well known examples to others who dare to follow their path.
    May God have mercy to the innocent women and children who were burnt alive in Kiambaa and their men hacked to death when they attempted to rescue their beloved ones.
    May God have mercy to the innocent Luo and Luhyas who were beheaded in Nakuru/Naivasha and their women raped in a way that no words can express.
    May the cries of the families displaced turn to be sharpnels stabbing the accused and their sympathizers.
    Amin Amin!!.
    Glory be to God the Al-Mighty!!.

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