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  • Kirigwimwangi

    thank God no injuries..

  • Kengibsonafrica

    I just don’t get it !
    An entire airport closed for thousands of people just because of one mis-hap landing and a plane on the grass??The inconvenience will cost industry millions…….This is madness.

    • Ertyjkl

      becase of the air traffic controllers it ended in the grass

  • Peter

    The second runway? On this we shall be with you even if you have to demolish the whole of syokimau!

  • Njeripk

    Wavinya might protest if KAA was to build a second runway on KAA’s land. Where, pray, will her constituents (votes) relocate to following their purchase of their plots from the Mlolongo brothers? Mutava Musyimi maybe recalled to seek compensation for these fellas before embarking on a 2nd runway… 

  • Dhhdhfhf

    you guys are mistaken , there are 3 runways, one on ground and  2 in the presidents pockets.

  • Clementine Ten

    Egyptair flights are unpredictable. Have made my experience: FIRST AND LAST TIME.
    An 8-hours flight from EU to Nairobi has cost me 30 hours thanks to Egyptair. Total lack of organisation.

  • Abdulhamid Ozturk

    I was in that plane.

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