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  • Mazzdark

    I don’t think that all public land within the City of Nairobi belongs to City Hall, and if they are owed money i believe the new Constitution requires ‘Due Process’ to either reclaim property or collect debts owed. While we are at it can Mr Roba Duba tell us who in City Hall sold the Highridge City Council Clinic.

  • Nimesema

    Hmmmmnow why si the counciil broke yet it does not provide services? Is that the Kisia legacy by any chance?
    When Gakuo (who was hounded out by OD was town clerk the city was clean and in the black without having to take over private property this Doba man is acting like a thug!!!!

  • Sparkyart

    this is very stupid of the actors 

  • jas

    How has the council become broke all of a sudden with all the exorbitant fees collected for no service provision all over Nairobi, parking fees, licenses,adverts, way leaves, development plan approvals that pass only after bribing etc

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