Feel like a burger but want to lose weight?



By Shenrina Badri

Are you trying to lose weight but are still craving a burger? …

If you’ve answered ‘yes’, then have you considered making your very own burger?

Here are some tips to help you get along.


Purchase some whole grain buns for your burger as opposed to the white, refined ones. The wholegrain ones are high in fibre which will help you reach satiety quicker.


Make your own patty by combining lean meat (that has been minced) with spices, onion, breadcrumbs and some chopped parsley. Alternatively you can use any other herb that you prefer, depending on your taste-buds.

If you are a vegetarian you could perhaps consider preparing a patty comprising lentils or even chickpeas.

Opt to grill or braai the patty for a few minutes on each side as opposed to frying it in oil as this will add hundreds of calories to your healthy meal.


You can add vegetables to your burger in the form of a salad. Lettuce, tomato and avocado slices are always a winner when it comes to adding great flavour to your burger apart from their amazing health benefits. Onion, carrot and other green leafy vegetables can also be added according to your preferences.

If your burger is prepared well, you will find that it is moist and thus you may not require any sauce or relish at all. If you do however need to add any, opt for a low calorie one and do not add too much on as this could affect your calorie count!



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  • Patrick E.

    the size of these celestial bodies makes us human seem extremely and I mean really extremely tiny……

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    since there was an eclipse in 2004 and now there could another on maybe maybe in 2020 not in 2117

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