Pharrell Williams led Adidas to its most profitable year ever


Pharrell Williams has been credited with helping Adidas achieve its highest figures ever due to the success of their Superstar collaboration.

Pharrell Williams’ Superstar line helped Adidas achieve its highest sales figures to date.

The sportswear company announced – in a report published March 3, 2016 – that their sales for 2015 increased by 12 per cent making the past year the company’s most profitable ever.

Sales of the Superstar and Stan Smith grew 45 per cent this past year with the spike attributed to clever collaborations including the one with the ‘Happy’ hitmaker.

Rachel Muscat – Global Category Director for Statement Collaborations at Adidas – said Pharrell is aligned with their brand “he’s very authentic”.

Speaking to Billboard magazine, she said: “Pharrell is very similar to our brand. He’s very authentic in what he does and what he represents. We’re talking about ideas and he just says, ‘What about 50 colours of the Superstar?’

“Three months later, with a suitcase full of shoes, we went to meet him backstage while he was on tour at his show in Dusseldorf, Germany. That’s where the initial picture, which was our most tweeted image of the year, came from – Pharrell sitting in a circle surrounded by the Superstars, pulling together the shoes to recreate the PANTONE colours he chose.”

Talking about the sneakers line’s reception, Rachel knew it was going to a success but didn’t expect them the shoes to sell out so quickly.

The Adidas executive also teased that there will be “some very exciting stuff coming out in May”.

She said: “This project just really blew everyone away. Pharrell is all about individuality and wanting everyone to be themselves, and I think that’s what made Supercolor so special and successful.

“We expected them to last a little bit longer. Literally within a weekend everything sold out. It was really exciting. We have some very exciting stuff coming out in May. I can’t tell you much more that that now, but we’ve been working on it with Pharrell for the last six to 12 months. New concepts, new ideas. That’s what’s so great about collaborating with Pharrell – he’s always looking towards the future.”

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