Celebrities donate old guitar strings for Strings for Lupus

strings for lupus

Keith Richards and Coldplay’s Jonny Buckland are among stars donating their used guitar strings for the ‘Strings for Lupus’ campaign.

The old strings will be turned into bracelets and auctioned on eBay on March 14, to raise funds to support research of the disease which affects the immune system.

The auctions will run for ten days and once they’ve ended the highest bidder will have 3 working days to pay.

Rolling Stone Keith’s heavily used acoustic strings, used in recording studios in London Dec 2015 on forthcoming Rolling Stones album and a copy of the letter from agent authenticating strings will be included in the sale.

And ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ hitmaker Jonny’s acoustic Guitar strings, used on the track ‘Violet Hill’ from the ‘Viva La Vida’ album.

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