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  • 1398gnm

    “On Friday, it was evident that Mudavadi was stepping closer to power when he sat next to President Mwai Kibaki during the 49th Madaraka Day celebrations at the Nyayo National Stadium and got the rare honour of introducing the Head of State to address the nation.
    Even though Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta who is more close to the President was present, it was Mudavadi who got the distinct credit of welcoming the Head of State to address the nation.”
    And who was by the President’s side at the State House Garden Luncheon? Uhuru Kenyatta.

    • Arne

      Unbelievable what our half baked journalists can write. This is fooling Kenyans. Even an AMRAP does not not cost that much. Again, Toyota does not armour vehicles. Specialist Armoured companies su ch as Jankel in UK, SVOS in Czech, STOOF in Germany, BAE in UK & RSA, AIG in Canada and Dubai  et al. form part of the billion vehicle armour sector. There are special mine protected specials and Toyota is not one of them. Capital FM, please do not allow journalists to fool Kenyans.

  • Abbatul

    This man is prepared to be the next Head of State….He seems a serious jamaa…

  • Toyota oh my lord!!. every thief in Nairobi owns a toyota


  • michael

    First, the author of this article is either stupid or oblivious cos he/she isn’t giving the right information. Do you know what a Ksh36m car looks like? The reality is that this vehicle doesn’t cost the amount stated. A DVD navigation system and rear view camera can be equipped in any car, for instance, Toyota hybrid (Prius). You should either stop fooling Kenyans or I will assume that you are an idiot who doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. You are disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Michelle

      The sort of camera being referred to here is not the one that you find in a cheap prius that activates when you engage the reverse gear.  Try telling us it works on your ramchackle when its in drive then we will think you have a point.

      • Kenyanthoughts

        Michelle, I know cars that have rear, side and front cameras that actually work when the vehicle is in motion and they are cheap. As for the V12, I have to do some research. Didn’t know landcruisers have such. Maybe custom made ones. Eish.

        Anyways, thats beside the point. The thing is that this Mudavadi guy seems to be a project of someone. Only time will tell but I hope he enjoys the goodies while they last.

    • OMG this is an AMOURED vehicle not an ordinary standard vehicle you see on the roads..,it can weigh upto 6 tonnes!!! that should give u a picture of what is made of..its not about the cameras or the navigation or the dvd..this vehicles are even ment to be bomb proof!!!!!

      You are the fool yourself who knows nothing beyond a vist or IST!

      • michael

        Just a few things to point out. First, you need to learn proper English before you begin to comment on this page (amoured does not exist in English vocabulary). Your sound terrible [sic]. Additionally, I do not know why you have “armoured” in upper case. May be it seems strange to you that armoured vehicle is extremely unique. I conclude that you have not been exposed most of your life or you have not been to places where it is ordinary to own armoured vehicles or cars. I cannot comment on your last sentence because the sentence gives me a glimpse of the kind of person you are. For instance, the sentence enables me to understand your reasoning capacity. Anyway, I am sorry for your thoughts and I hope that some day you will be able to realize that the mass of a product has no correlation to either cost or quality. Individuals who have narrow minds like you end up being brainwashed for no apparent reasons (in relation to information). I hope you get the opportunity to leave Kenya and travel worldwide at some point in your life. Hopefully you will realize how pathetic your comment sounds.

        • Paul_njau

          Michael, I do not think Daniells was writing in a bad taste. It seems like you have a problem that needs to be solved first. This being a public site, you are not supposed to post such nasty words. You might under rate Daniells but you seem to be micer. Please a Toyota can cost as much as Kshs. 40 million depending on what is installed. There are many types of camera that will cost from Kshs. 1,000/= to hundreds of thousands. It is someone’s choice to choose what he/she wants in the car. So please do not show your ignorance to the public. Even if you do not like Mudavadi, he is a human being too and we should love our enemies too.

          • michael

            I am not showing any ignorance. All I am saying is  that the information Capital FM has given us here is false. Yes, my comments were harsh at first. However, the comments were directed to Capital FM. Anyway, I do not need to justify anything. Again, this vehicle is neither worth Kshs 36 million or Kshs 40 million. I do not hate Mudavadi nor do I have ill feelings towards him. The media stated years back that Raila’s car cost several millions (Kenya shillings). Evidently, this was a lie, unfortunately. You are the one who is ignorant cos the media makes you to believe that the vehicle’s price range is between ~$423,000 to ~$470,000. This is all phooey. Sorry. 

        • Travel where Michael? as long as u got the meaning right, this wasn’t an ENGLISH TEST! Ignorance is no that speaks volume about your REASONING CAPACITY. I do not need to travel all around the world to know how things are. http://>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Michael, check this link then perhaps you can review yua above comment

      • michael

        Thanks John. I know that armored cars exist. Also, I don’t deny the fact that Mudavadi’s vehicle is armored. However, the vehicle does not cost either of the mentioned prices (Kshs. 40million or Kshs. 36million). The article reminded me of Raila’s hummer that was stated to cost several millions only to turn out that the value was overstated. The problem is that the media tends to blow certain things out of proportion. 

        • ace2012

          See how you responding to people in a civil way after I straightened you out !!

          • michael

            @ ace1012, all you say is phooey! What do you mean by, ”Straightened you out?” I can decipher what you are trying to say; however,I will reserve my comments cos I don’t want to ruin future conversations from John. I respect him cos of the way he responded to my comment. 

    • ace2012

      You are the ONE who is disgusting and should be ashamed of yourself? Who do you think you are abusing people? Just because your village did a harambee for your sorry ass to go to the USA to study and now you’re living there as an illegal immigrant doesn’t make you an expert on anything. Its village idiots like you who come back to Home pretending to have forgotten swahili and stuff. You are NO expert on English either cause its not your mother tongue. Have respect and be civil when you reply to people’s comment you loser!

      • michael

        It is true that I am in the US. However, I earned my way to be here legally and without Harambee as you put it. Every part of my life is good and I am content with my academic achievement and success (academic and in life) so far. I will not justify how intelligent I am cos it is stupid to do so. People who are intelligent or smart never justify their ability cos their actions easily show their abilities. It is only idiots like you who feel insecure about themselves and they try to justify to others that they are smart. Your ill feelings about me being in the US cannot bar me from being successful in life. Sorry for who you are.

  • Let me see..this as his constituents drown with every rainfall, starve with every drought, die of malaria..need I say more?

    • ignore the hype, this is a very poorly researched article. I am not saying he has my vote, but one of the things I dislike most is writer publishing a paper without due diligence. any car expert will tell you this is nonsense

  • We ‘ve traveled the world and handled later versions of this car, but the ugly truth is that this coverage is far out of touch with reality. Next time pls do your homework from “car-experts”.

  • Onetwocheck

    Lie No. 1 ati that Landcruiser is a 6.0L, V-12! Haa! FYI there’s no Toyota in the world that has a 6 litre V-12 engine! 

    • the only toyota v-12 there has been is the 5 litre 1GZ-FE….can’t believe someone can publish something this shallowly researched!

      • Remake

        Ever heard of the words “CUSTOM MADE”? This cannot be bought from Nyayo Stadium.

        • 36M is above the list price of a Maybach in the UK. mercedes armoring division, Texas armouring co etc will all custom that Toyota for maximum way less than half that figure. plus installing a v-12 engine would never take the price that high

  • MM is up to something big. Definitely he has fans with deep pockets…

  • Hawama

    Well, voters will have the last word.

  • almandoestrada

    Even the MRAP that is used by the US military in Afghanistan cannot withstand an IED. Stop lying to people and do enough research!!!

  • almandoestrada

    Sitting closer to the president and hanging around the current president doesn’t by itself imply that you are going to become one. Voters want to see what you have done and not how much wealth you have accumulated. They are the ones who are going to elect a leader. First of all, Musalia has never held a real job since graduating from college. He has been an MP other that the 5 years when he stayed in the cold…

  • People still talking about this car this much that car that much when their money is being stolen to buy this and that car!

  • Nyakenda

    the truth is the writer has over rated this car, I can bet this car doesnt go for more than 15M. And the features please do your research again

  • Mutaie

    I would give him a thumbs up for the acquisition he just made…this is because I came to realize that most of us Kenyans do have this mentality that if we do vote in a ‘beggar’, he/she will go into that office with the intention of enriching oneself as a first priority then us Kenyans will be placed at the bottom of the list where we might never be considered at all…SO KUDOS MR. MUDAVADI, YOU EARNED YOURSELF A POINT…

  • Swiss7599

    I don’t think you know what ‘State of the Art’ means.

  • Muhumuzabrand

    Why should someone spend this much on a car? I’d rather vote someone who decided to feed some PEV guys or buy mattresses for the needy, not the narcissistic goons people go around voting. until we vote with senses and compassion, this country will remain with the dogs.

  • Who’s funding the guy?

  • Abahengele

    Hii ni pesa ya Brookside inafanya kazi

  • Ngereri

    so he is funded by the government?

  • Weed75

    shit  nothing like that

  • Mykumar

    So does it matter ?? Cheap talk this is !!

  • he is separating himself already. ati the car will emit electric shocks if intruders approach the car. MR. president. clearly you have no intention of being a peole’s president. i shudder to think how you will barricade yourself from the mwaninchi once you secure the seat. Now i know without a doubt that i will NEVER VOTE FOR YOU

  • Suddenly and suddenly,the wingless can fly!!

  • The only time I come close to such cars is when madam takes her shopping basket, which was her last birthday gift to the shopping mall or saloon.. or when she is ataking the kids for an afternoon swim.. Did not know that for others it is such prestige!!

  • Why is this news really? Seriously hata kama ni PR, or coverage as you may call it there’s nothing on this newsworthy story! Jaribuni tena next time.
    Uhuru spends 150M on a launch-that was dope so why is Mudavadi’s 36M stunt an issue. Kuna watu wana pesa bwana!

  • mkenya

    haiya…hes already started spending the TNA loot?

    • Paul_njau

      You are a hater. It seems like other politicians are cleaner. Please never be a micer. U need to mature and look into issues before comemnting on any. That is why we are always lagging behind coz of haters like you. No politician is clean. Maize scandal, and NHIF money can also be a loot. Why do u think that some people are so special and when they loot Kenyans’ money is not a theft.

  • this is Chris Kirubi’s article

  • nyambaff

    Whether true or not, why do politicians find it necessary to barricade themselves from mwananchi once they gain prominance. All of a sudden am a risk to you? Sawa tu. Mwenye nchi will speak and speak loudly.

  • while mwananchi wallow in poverty wenye nchi are revamping themselves for power, pity me.

  • Pratt

    So much ado for alot of nothing! Obviously, merchants of deceit are using the car to depict brother Hon. Mudavadi in bad light. The suggestive “project” is all there! In run up to 2007 election, PM Raila acquired his expensive car. but no one raised a finger. That was understandable given the fact electioneering needs good wheels indeed. However, that was Raila, the owner of vile propaganda! He can never ever stand on issues and issues alone. He is something like a village gossiper. He spreads falsehoods that border on insanity against his opponents. Infact, thats only his major real achievement! We should avoid being blown off by cheap propaganda that can never serve this country. Guys who have all long pretended to be reformers are the first to dwell on the pity. They hardly have anything to offer. It has always been so from the beginning. Using arrogant mockery for no reason at all, like this “Kiraitu basi, Poa hakuna kitu kama hiyo!” Its note worthy these pretentious reformers have remained stucked in football and parable antics in their several decades in politics. True reformers armed with progressive ideas can never ever be that stagnant like water in stationery bucket! And you can never be a true reformer if you could be held up by useless antics for over 20 years. A good lot of our guys were fighting for thieving space in the name of the people. True reformers like retired president Mandela of SA never claimed to be reformers at all. They knew pretty well thats self-praise which is self-deception. Our guys however, aided by people with drunken tribal loyalty, have no shame in claiming every day that they are reformers! But surprisingly, records suggest that they are either ordinary thieves or simply clueless village tyrants. Am yet to see any true reformer in bunch of guys masqueranting as such. Good ideas that easily advance reform  have actually come from unlikely quarters. Late Hon. John Muchuki was a true reformer and effected true reforms that were recognized by all. Nevertheless, merchants of deceit simply called him a performer! That they wanted word “reformer” to be reserved for their fakeness was never in doubt. Brother Hon. VP Kalonzo has come up with ideas that clearly suggest he is far a head in innovantion than these fakes. His ideas on 24 hour economy and 2,000/= for our old folks represents dramatic reforms in our country. But the fakes would rather dismiss him as an “anti-reform” former rigid past regime agent. Brother Hon. Ruto also stunningly showed that he is a serious reformer when he led agriculture and higher education ministries. However, our fakes merely opted to bring him down! Brother Hon. Balala too displayed overwheliming reforms in tourism ministry. But seemingly our empties wont have it, they simply called him names shoved him off the road! So what are these empty songs of reform supposed to be? Or we simply become reformers the moment we are tear gased by riot police for disobeying their orders? If reform is not about real ideas and development, what are these reforms our fakes talk about? And why would they be always so occupied by little things like personal cars, instead of offering the country thier dose of reform anyway?

    • ace2012

      Am sure project Mudavadi has a lot of ideas on how to better KENYA. We are yet to hear that though!! So tell your brother Mudavadi to STOP calling for RAILA to quit so he can have an easy ride and tell us what he stands for coz I surely don’t know a thing!!

      • Pratt

        Malicious vicious tribalism wont take you anywhere pal. It seems without mockery and insulting language you cant offer us anything at all. No wonder every time Raila’s questionable credentials are questioned, you deliberately veer off topic and even resort to vile language. But that cant change anything at all. And you need to be told that Raila is actually a pretentious project of foreign powers! Nevertheless, the reality is that whether other people are projects or not, Raila
        has no achievements at all in his long political career. His presidential bid is merely pinned on sheep-ilke voting pattern of his kinsmen. Its surprising he uses fiction, falsehoods, outright lies and mailicious propaganda to enhance his empty leadership. Raila seperated from the above is an empty shell unworth of anything. Brother Mudavadi, though a weakling too in credentials, could  easily superpass Raila in REAL achievements. His stint in finance ministry, even though was soaked in corruption, had some semblance of achievements. He has all the rights to tell your village idol to tie off. Thats simply because he has been his deputy for eternity and pretty knows that he has nothing to offer. Need I add that, Raila has never offered this country anything other than malicious lies, empty dramas mostly  bordering on treason, insulting parable and football antics. REAL LEADERS OFFER REAL SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS OF PEOPLE. They dont simply claim empty reform agenda thats never taken beyond the empty pronouncements!   

        • ace2012

          Look at the mirror when you talking about tribalism. The HATE you have for “RAIRA” is purely tribal. You will never see beyond his ethnicity because of you inherent bigotry. And What has MM ever improved in any ministry he’s ever headed? MM your ” Brother”  is simply a PROJECT of the KIBAKI REGIME to continue looting the public coffers and filling all government position with his GEMA kin. Kibaki’s legacy will be one of ethnicity and lip service to fighting corruption. MM will continue with the status quo if Kenyans do not stop him dead on his TRACKS. And GOD willing they will.  Why would GEMA leaders ever side with anyone other than their own to STOP RAILA ?? Some politicians are known for their arrogance to think no other Kenyan is fit to lead this country!! WHY NOW? WHY MM who has been RAILA’s Shadow from 2007, and by the way RAILA is the one who rescued MM from political oblivion, which is exactly where he will be after 2013. WATCH THIS SPACE !!

          • Pratt

            I dont hate Brother Rt. Hon. PM, I simply deslike his malice and wanton lies. Having said that,  of course, I do notice your attempts to insulate him from scrutiny. Instead of telling us what he has really achieved in now 5 long years since he wallowed neck-deep in the blood innocent of Kenyans to become a do-nothing pm, you are simply coming up with a stuff that would make us veer off that all important issue! We know that since brother Raila has failed to grow any fangs in 5 long long good years, Kenyans are no longer interested in his emptiness. Am sure you saw how he opposed to opinion poll regulation bill, which has since been passed by parliament? It was the last of his many deception arsenals that he has lost in as many days. Am sure you noticed how he was outdone in nomination of member of EA assembly. Very little is being said about it for obvious reasons. Deceit is now hitting huge stone wall! Ever heard of toothless bulldog pal? Status quo and serving in same? Hypocrisy wont take us anywhere at all. Thieves calling others thieves can only make sense to mad people. If Raila was really a reformer, he wont call himself as such. Reform is an idea that cant be owned by one person who is capablle of bringing cancerous maize in this country. Reform is an idea owned by all 40 million Kenyans and no conman can change that. Wnen Kenyans wanted multiparty, they brought it. Only to be confronted by conmen claiming its ownership! Of course, some of these marauding conmen were either in jail, facing treason charges, or simply in detention when Kenyans were pushing for multiparyism! 

          • ace2012

            I still sense that vile hatred you claim not to have for ” Brother” Raila. You were quick to praise the likes of kalonzo who in the eyes of Kenyans is a weaseling politician eager to get ahead by any means other than democracy. Musalia who’s only qualification was he was the son of Mudamba a crony of Moi in western. If you are talking about sacrifice, nine years in Moi’s detention dungeons surpass that by far. Raila, just like his father has paid a price for being a reformer. Remember 2005, when Kibaki wanted to shove that crap of a constitution down Kenyans’ throat, Raila was in the forefront to fight it tooth and nail. Some of your so called reformers wanted to pass that constitution. And about the challenges he’s faced in Parliament, lets see where all those MPs opposed to his proposals will end up. As days pass, MM is looking more and more of a Kibaki Project. You saw what happened in 2007 when Kenyans overwhelmingly rejected Kibaki. They will do the same to his project as Kenyans did in 2002 when they rejected Uhuru, who by the way was Moi’s project and is holding the poor people land and wealth in trust inherited from his father. Not sure when the poor Kenyans will ever get a piece of that trust!!

          • Pratt

            Brother VP Kalonzo remains my favorite pal. That merchants of deceit hate him not withstanding. He is certainly our right guy at this point in time. I have said over and over that brother Raila is like a conman. He never tells the truth. Actually he cooks up falsehoods and swiftly turns to claim them as his achievements. He was in detention for ATTEMPTING A TRIBAL COUP. THAT WAS  LED BY JUNIOR LUO AIRFORCE OFFICERS IN 1982! He is actually lucky that he was never hanged! And treason pal is never fight for anybody. Its a very very serious criminal offence. And reform is not about committing treason pal. Reform can never be a tribal coup attempt pal. In 2005, Raila only stole the show from his unsuspecting friends. Infact, the constitution we passed the other day is just almost the same thing rejected in 2005! Mere change of words was the one which went on play. In 2002 Raila yelled Kibaki “tosha” simply to stop Hon. Simon Nyachae from becoming the president of this country. There was nothing special about it at all. Nyachae was actually the compromize candidate at the time. However, Raila knowing pretty well that any Nyachae presidency was likely to take him to political dustbin, he quickly used his opportunistic tendencies to kill two birds with one stone. Stop Nyachae and play a king maker with acruing selfish benefits! There was no good faith at all on part of Raila and even president Kibaki knows as much. Thats why he laughed off Raila’s incitement to his folks to ask him to “return” the favor. There was no favor at all but selfish malice!! You can not therefore expect president Kibaki to return malice, which he never has anyway.

    • Peter

      I think pratt has a problem differentiating between reform and to perform

      • Pratt

        And whats that problem? Reform is supposed to incorperate both pa,l unless you are confining yourself in fiction. Furthermore, how are you supposed to transform the country with mere words? How are you supposed to transform institutions for the better of by employing only well sounding words? Reformer is supposed to offer concepts that are easily translated in to action. And that forms the basis for reform. How do you really seperate the two? Mr. Odm has been screaming reform for eternity now! But he has never attempted to actualize his idea-lacking screams. I guess, thats why you want to potray me as confused in order to insulate your empty idol. Inciting people to confront riot police and only to take off the moment they come calling, cant be be called reform at all. Employing extreme cowardice presented as empty illogical bravado cant be termed as reform. Reformers hardly put their people in harms way. Reformers never resort to conman tactics and lies to find footing. They never declare themselves on rooftops as the only single reformer in a country of 40 million people. Self-praise and malicious propaganda have never been the stuff for reformers. Its a preserve of of super conmen masqueranting as something more than what they truly are! Genuine reformers normally let their actions speak for themselves. And achievents can never ever be manufactured, or usurped. They have to be real and original!!!!  

    • Manje

      Pratt you spoken well. Guys 

      • Pratt

        Thanks brother and be blessed!

  • ace2012

    A PROJECT INDEED. MM finally unveiling his mask one layer at a time. Sooner or later the power behind the defection of MM from ODM will endorse him. A final nail to the MM coffin in politics. Political Oblivion awaits!!

  • Ndwara

    Pratt, wake up. This has nothing to do with Raila. If an expensive car has been bought and security beefed up at the expense of the tax payer, don’t rejoice. This shows stupidity of kenyans. When Grand Regency is going, Central Bank is playing with the economy, Energy ministry is minting money using ERC, and Government financing some candidates to defeat Raila then there is concern. Wake up kenyans. I am not a supporter of Raila but Let thing things be done in a proper way and the best candidate win. 

  • Armoured cars just buy time otherwise they are useless against armour piercing rounds (kina raufoss rounds) and projectiles from IED’s when stationary.  i wonder what is scaring MM ama its a move like Raila’s Hummer

  • demarq

     The one reason I would not pay that price for that car is those body kits strapped on. I dont understand why Kenyans feel the need to customize vehicles that already look good. It just makes a vehilcle look like it’s owned by a 19 year old. A grown man should drive an elegant sophissticated vehicle, not one that looks fresh out of a toy shop. Unless you also sag your pants, stop putting body kits, exshaust packs and ‘phat’ tyres people!

  • mm 4 president! busia yote ni mudavadi tosha!

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