Avoid supersizing meals to keep your size perfect!


by Shenrina Badri

Consider avoiding supersizing your meals if you want to lose weight …

What does ‘supersizing’ mean?

Supersizing your meals means adding on more or ‘extras’ to your regular portion sized meal. This is often an option that is presented to you when dining out at restaurants or getting some takeaways.


A common example is supersizing a standard burger (which contains just one patty) by adding another one or sometimes two more patties to the burger. In addition, you may find yourself wanting more fresh chips and dip or sauce, which will just further pile on the calories!

Supersizing your beverages?

Alternatively, people often supersize their beverages by purchasing a larger sized cup than the regular ones that are on offer. Again, this means increasing your intake of calories.

Ice cream

It is relatively easy to forget the effect that a little extra food will have on your weight. How often do you ask for two or three scoops of ice cream for that cone? Ask yourself if you really need it or will you be just as satisfied with only one scoop?

Be wary

Be wary of the portion size of meals that you are consuming. It is an easy way to manage your weight and prevent unnecessary weight gain.

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