How will you mark International Women’s Day?


international women day

International Women’s Day means different things to different people. For some it’s a celebration, for others it’s a call to action to accelerate gender parity, and for many it’s an opportunity to align and promote relevant activity. Whatever your objective, International Women’s Day is the perfect moment for gender-focused action.

Worldwide, women continue to contribute to social, economic, cultural and political achievement. Globally, with individuals pledging to move from talk to purposeful action – and with men and women joining forces – we can collectively help women advance equal to their numbers and realize the limitless potential they offer economies the world over.

If you’d like to commit to help with gender parity through purposeful action, you can make a pledge here

Women are beating the odds

Groups around the world have made International Women’s Day videos to explain their support in helping to accelerate gender parity. Here’s one that we at Capital Lifestyle particularly like.

Why do young girls never dream of becoming pilots? Over 100 years since the first woman flew an aircraft, it’s still very much a man’s world. Fewer than 5% of pilots across the globe are female. But that doesn’t deter Siba Gqirana, pilot in training. Here’s her story:


  • Boiyot

    Has our president turned to a preacher as well?

  • Pratt

    We should surely learn to scrutinize our leaders. A good lot them have never offered anything to Kenyans, but they are the first to cook up fictitious achievements. In terms of offering real tengible achievements, only about three of our presidential candidates can clearly be associated with reasonable feats. The other lot is only using pure tribalism to claim the presidency.  Infact, when you hear one of them accusing the other of lack of numbers, be sure the accuser is boasting of his big tribe. Every Kenyan has numbers provided that he is able to show that he has wonderful ideas, the interests of Kenyans at heart and above all, capable of developing this country without empty meaningless dramas. We should surely hold our guys accountable to moral development agenda. Not just empty screams of reform agenda on rooftops that never ever serve any purpose at all! We must judge those who are aspiring to president for what they achieved thus far. True benefits to all Kenyans must be the guiding line. We are finding ourselves in deep ocean of confusion because of mistaking kinship to a big tribe as leadership. Having many tribesmen behind you can never ever qualify you as the best presidential candidate. After all, its not about what you are going to do for your kinsmen, but about what you can do for all Kenyans. When you are armed with nothing  but a big tribe, you still remain nothing at the national level! You must be armed with real solutions for all problems plaguing Kenyans. The act of being able to auction your kinsmen for selfish reasons should be discarded from our political live. Its only pure tribalism in another name! 

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