#Gadgets: First wearable instrument to record, play and perform


Remidi, the first wearable instrument to record, play and perform has captivated Kickstarter backers!

With 10 days to go in their campaign, the unique wearable instrument that uses sensors in fingers and palm to trigger custom sounds allowing the user to play music with their own hand, has already surpassed their $50,000 goal.

The glove has 8 pressure sensitive sensors in the fingers and palms to create new, custom sounds or remix existing ones, while using hand gestures to control the effects. The MIDI wrist controller allows the hand to be used as a musical device by combining sounds through hand motions. Depending on how long you press and how soft you release to create that right sound intensity and duration. You can also manipulate effects such as reverb, duration and tempo.

Remember that beat, melody, or riff you had in your head on your way home from school or work the other day? Remidi is perfect for musicians who would like to create music on-the-go!

Read more about Remidi here.

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