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  • TheScout

    This was reported some 20 or so hours ago by Strategic Intelligence and currently they have an on to point analysis on what the Al-Shabaab is planning.

    How Al-Shabaab Plans Bomb Nairobi, The Bomb Strategy

  • Time for roadblocks everywhere and more screening.Time to watch over your brother’s back.Time to report anything suspicious.Time to instil a curfew in the big towns as nights are perfect for transporting bomb making materials.Time not to trust anybody.It’s time to isolate the enemy and annihilirate….It’s time to show them that even if we are wounded and bleeding,we are not going to be cowed by threats from cheap trash in the form of al-shabaab.It’s time to clamp down on any other militant or outlawed gangs without mercy.It’s time to clear them and make this country safe for all and sundry.It’s time to act and in this,i call on all leaders and all other stupid politicians to shed time off politics and see the real threat to this country.It’s time to wake up to reality.It’s time to stand and be counted.It’s time for muslims in this country to come out and declare their stand in this fight lest we mistake them……It’s time to fight back for there are only two sides.In the words of G.H.W Bush,YOU ARE EITHER WITH US,OR WITH THE TERRORISTS.LET THE WAR BEGIN!

  • David Ochami

    Kenya should not be intimidated into withdrawing from Somalia. After all everything has risks and that includes sex which we cannot avoid. A lasting solution lies only in the destruction of Al Shabaab as a military organisation, notwithstanding risks. Its physical annihilation will also disperse Al Shabaab’s phantom ideology and beliefs to the four corners of the compass.

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