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  • Thomas Ndemo

    Mkhwasi you’ve come to the field alone,where is your team?This is football for grown ups – now enough with crying…tell us the vission and mission you have for my country Kenya before i start writting your political orbituary on this very page!!
    …Did you hear me son of Mudamba Mudavadi???

  • Karisasi

    Made it true PM.
    Its time to abandon politics of betrayal.
    Its time for sane Kenyans to abandon politicians accused of major crimes against humanity as they cannot be entrusted to implement the new constitution and uphold the Rule of Law.
    March 2013 is a significant turning point for Kenya.Kenyans either vote for accused of murder & rape to promote Rule of Impunity and Lawlessness or elect patriotic,visionary and believers of new constitution to uphold Rule of Law and turn our beloved Kenya to heaven.

  • Pratt

    Same same set of well sounding words thats even betrayed before the end of the line! Instead of saying that Kenyans should elect right leaders to make the country move, divisive spanner is through in to the gearbox. You cant call yourself the righteous when all you know is divisive politics. PM Raila’s script is always armed with malice and unacceptable degree of self-praise. I thought he was on the reserve benches when Kenyans were collectively campaigning for new constitution? And were there anyone who was not interested in the new constitution? I thought it was a matter amendment before or after passage! But would that simplicity be allowed by those who are cheaply intent on  creating false feats for themselves? Whats opportunism any way?

  • Mike okello

    yes but mudavadi’s bid should be an intrinsic resolve that the populace only rekindles, not that the consultation is the drive…otherwise he shall mislead and be mislead—————michael

  • Hargeisawi

    Mudavadi says “residents of western are now tired of the number two slot” is he running for the presidency of wester or Kenya? Uhuru is running for president of Gema and Ruth for Kamatusa president. Who do we have left in the ring to run for president of Kenya?

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