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  • Babujohn54

    As long as the judgements delivered resonate with the public interest, the judiciary will have succeeded. For example when Michuki rules were challenged in court sometimes in 2003, a judge ruled that although the rules were not properly done, the public interest demanded that they stay but the minister be given time to regularize them. In the new judiciary, some NGO goes to court demanding an arrest warrant for the head of state of a neighboring country. The courts happily grant the orders not pausing to ask how the judgement affects our national interests. I have been left wondering if the law is a punda or is it a matako! Very educated people sometimes miss the point which an average mzee in the village can see clearly. National interests over ride all arguments however persuasive or legal they may sound.
    The new constitution must be seen to enhance the national interests  

  • Gmwaura

    Babujohn54, i agree with you absolutely,the focus of the new judiciary appears to be creating visibility by bandying the constitution to attract media attention and have lost touch with their mandate ;effective resolution of our disputes.Can you imagine cases cannot start at milimani commercial court because they claim to have no file folders!When you see where they are directing their expenditure;one cannot help long for the old days when judicial officers took pride from advancing the course of justice and the constitution from how they handled the simple cases before them.It is not hard to see how disenchantment with this constitution and call for changes shall begin.  

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