Cultural Festivals in Kenya

The diversity of Kenya from the shores of Lake Victoria to the high seas of the Indian Ocean, the northern frontiers makes it a melting point where different culture come together. Cultural events in the country focus on bringing people together to celebrate their unity. In certain quarters, they have been used to promote peaceful coexistence among communities.


Travel specialists from are looking into the most popular festivals.

Rusinga Island Festival

In the western Kenya tourism circuit this is a major event, attracting visitors from all corners of the country. It is a celebration of the Suba culture. They celebrate through music, sport and food. The event attracts a large following with foreign and local visitors making their way to enjoy all there is at the festival. You may know there is no perfect visit to areas around Lake Victoria without action packed boat racing. It is one of those activities which will leave you amazed. The boats racing across the causeway are not engine run but the traditional African boats (canoes) navigated with a paddle.

If you are attending the festival you must make a visit to the nearby Tom Mboya mausoleum, one of Kenya’s outstanding statesmen.

The Turkana Cultural festival

Something peculiar about this festival is that it brings together close to 14 communities. They celebrate their way of life. The mainly nomadic communities come together during this festival with so much to look out for. They showcase the traditional foods their, way of living and customs.

Lamu cultural festival

Lamu is one of the oldest towns in Kenya located at the Kenyan coast with long history as far as pre-colonial period. The Swahili town comes to life once in a year in a captivating festivities to celebrate the Swahili culture. Numerous activities take place from dhow competitions, to bao competition, to swimming activities. There is also plenty of Swahili food to have a bite.

The most outstanding of this activities is the donkey race. Competitors ride donkeys and the winning donkey gets a prize.

The Mombasa Carnival

Mombasa historically was a favorite stopover for traders in the 12th century. Today it hosts one of the biggest cultural events celebrating the diversity of the dwellers where one can taste delicious food and the local brew – mnazi.

The best part of the carnival is a procession moving through the city of Mombasa bringing the streets to life.

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