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  1. Avatar Pratt May 29th, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    Brother VP Kalonzo has always brought huge benefits to this country. There is no other leader among the guys vying for the presidency who have performed better than him. While they are busy canabalizing each other, brother Kalonzo is reaping benefits for his motherland. However, merchants of deceit, who have nothing to show other than fake feats, have tirelessly and mischieviously tried to dismiss Kalonzo’s wide achievements. They have done that hidding under reform song thats no here or there. Apart from chest-thumpingly claiming reform agenda, just to put others down, there is nothing to show the facade of empty deception. I have never seen reformers who instantly turn in to thieves immediately public resources are left on their hands. And reform surely cant take solid 5 years of powerful office occupancy without even a single step forward. The guys assigning themselves reformist credentials have proved that they only lacked access to public funds and as such, had no idea what reform is all about. The purported fight for us, disguised as push for reform, was merely an excuse to find space in the thieving melee. I have never seen a reformer who is ever willing to auction his country to the highest bidder just to get votes. I have NEVER EVER heard of a reformer who sides with secessionists just to get votes. I have not even met a single reformer who uses malicious lies in an attempt to cripple his decent fellow countrymen. Am yet to see a reformer who views every item on a tribal mirror. Kenyan should therefore watch out otherwise they would be stripped naked by mauranding conmen.  


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