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  • nicholas korir kiprono

    If we cannot even identify what is the cause,how would we even prevent it from happening?

  • Gichira

    I am not a policeman but if I were Iteere, I would blame it on an ELECTRIC FAULT. That way Kenyans would not panic and would go on with thier businesses as usual as. That is what is call mob management and it works. Just like politicians thrive on telling the populace what they want to hear so the police never allows anything that would give credenc to defeat by enemies of PEACE and TRANGUILITY.

    I also undertsnad Kenya Power because they fear the cost implication if it realy were an electric fault. But what price is there to pay for the management of fear in a nation?

    Bravo Kenya Police Service and Commissioner Iteere. I only hope that after the management of the fear and panic, you will go down to the nitty gritties of the cause of the blast and make REAL arrests.

    Kenyans, DO NOT PANIC. THE COUNTRY is NOT under any attack!!!!

    • Gichira, you defending lies baffles me. Peace is built on truth. People panic in times of disaster because they realize they have built their hopes on sinking sands.

      Your post reminds me of Gaddafi shouting in capital letters that he is the king of kings.

  • sisemi

    The Police commissioner lied about the cause of the blast and he will keep on lying about everything else. There is nothing like crowd control here, we are mature and can deal with the truth however bad it is.. kenyans are not idiots..bwana Gichira

  • Pratt

    In policing, security agents are not supposed to give leads to criminals. Thats simply to avoid affording them opportunity to escape. However, opportunists masqueranting as serious leaders, have lorded it upon themselves to scream terror even before they knew what exactly happened. Search for votes surely has limits! We cant endure a situation whereby self seekers compromize our security just to be heard. We have seem these self-seekers go to bed with secessionist. They forgot they had taken oath to protect territorial integrity of our nation. Leaning towards anti-Kenya forces is in itself treason. Their hired Newspaper columnists have even gone to the extend of unnecessarily comparing MRC with Eritrea. Needless to say, thats another act of treason. Democracy and freedom of speech have their own limits pals! You cant add fuel to anti-Kenyan schemes and still pretend to be doing your duty. You cant threaten the security of others and still, pretend to be within your rights. Most importantly, public figures cant sell the country for three pieces of silver and still pretend they are within their rights to hunt for votes. There is a security minister in this country. He has done perfectly well in the prevailing circumstances. Threats our nation has received from terrorist organizations have been nearly overwhelming. But the few terror cases that have taken place suggest our security agents are doing a fantastic job. There have been few mistakes here and there. But certainly thats not enough to make us condemn our gallant security forces. A perfect situation cant prevail when we are at war with terrorists. Whats saddening is that we seem to have some Kenyans whose job is only to ridicule and demoralize our  security forces. The reason being that they just want to mischievously tell their supporters that they are better than others. This cheap way of going for votes must be criminalized. The same  people employing these primitive tricks are the ones who brought these terrorists in our doorsteps. That was done by corruptly issuing entry permits to these people. There was even personal intervention by these holier than thou fellows for mothers, fathers, daughters, sons and even terrorists themselves disguised refugees, to be allowed in the country!       

  • sisemi kitu!

    Others still wish the clock were wound up back to the 70s and 80s and nineties when even ‘thinking’ was treasonable. All should be given the latitude to ventilate for as long as they do not cause harm to others. The overwhelming    good of the majority should be an effective check on the heinous minorities.

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