#Tastemakers Ep. 15: Meet Martin Shabaya – Africa’s top Barista

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“An ordinary Kenyan has been brought up with tea…I was used to having tea. I didn’t know anything about coffee,” Martin Shabaya shares exclusively in the latest installment of Tastemakers. “I just knew about the instant coffees and I wasn’t a fan of that.”

Susan Wong sits down with the newly crowned Africa Barista Championship and Kenyan National Barista Competition winner in Nairobi, Kenya to learn more about his journey in becoming the continent’s best barista. Shabaya candidly shares about the growing coffee culture in Kenya, what to look for in a good cup of coffee, and gives some advice to enthusiasts who want to get involved in the industry.

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About Tastemakers

Passion for craft captured. Tastemakers is an inspiring, quirky, colourful and personality driven online video documentary series curated and directed by award-winning lifestyle journalist Susan Wong (@susanluckywong), and produced and edited by Francis Mbatha (@francombatha) – dedicated to sharing the amazing personal stories behind good craft.

Tastemakers celebrates the personalities behind the hospitality industry and will bring you to kitchens, onto farmland, into the world of award-winning mixologists and even on to construction sites. Tastemakers is dedicated to sharing the amazing personal stories behind industry-leading people.

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