Sony Music Entertainment opens office in Nigeria



Sony Music Entertainment today announced it is expanding its operational presence across Africa as part of a long-term strategy to open offices in a number of key markets in the region.

The company has opened an office in Lagos, Nigeria to serve as the new hub of its on-the-ground operations in West Africa, and has named music business entrepreneur Michael Ugwu General Manager for the West African region. It also recently began the process of registering to do business in Nairobi, Kenya, which will anchor the Sony Music’s physical operations in East Africa.

In connection with the opening of operations in Lagos, Sony Music recently signed Nigerian superstar Davido to a worldwide deal. In East Africa, SME has partnered with local artists in the region as well, recently signing Redsan amongst others.

“Expansion in Africa has been part of our strategy for several years,” said Adam Granite, President, Northern & Eastern Europe and Africa, Sony Music International,” said Sean Watson, Managing Director of Sony Music Entertainment Africa, “We are really keen to partner with African artists to deliver local, African and global success stories. With over 800 million people living in Sub Saharan Africa, the African continent is a market with huge potential for local artists wanting to expand their horizons.”

These moves build upon Sony Music’s existing business initiatives in Africa, where the company is already a market leader. Sony Music has long had offices in South Africa, in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, and throughout the continent, Sony Music earns revenue from partners including Vevo, YouTube, Apple Music and iTunes. In addition, in West Africa, music content is currently available through MTN Nigeria’s service via IMI, and in East Africa it currently conducts trade with Kenya’s largest mobile network operator, Safaricom, a company that boasts in excess of 10 million CRBT subscribers.



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