#CarNews: 007 carmaker Aston Martin to open new factory



British carmaker Aston Martin — James Bond’s favourite set of wheels — on Wednesday said it had picked Wales as the site for a second plant due to begin production in 2020.

Output at the plant will include the new DBX crossover model that incorporates SUV features, as the classic brand attempts to diversify including into a line of electric cars.

The plant will be in the village of St Athan on former defence ministry land and complements the current plant at Gaydon in central England.

“Aston Martin is an iconic British brand and the decision to invest here shows real confidence in our economy,” Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement announcing the deal.

“With our economic strengths and easy access to European markets, the UK automotive sector is thriving,” he said, as he campaigns for Britain to stay in the European Union ahead of a membership referendum on June 23.

The carmaker had considered potential sites in the rest of Britain and abroad.

Chief executive Andrew Palmer said the board had been “consistently impressed with the focus on quality, cost and speed from the Welsh government team”.

The new plant is part of a £200-million (253-million-euro, $278-million) investment plan raised from private investors last year.

Aston Martin is forecasting that more than 90 percent of production at the Welsh site will be for export.



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  • Nyeri_governer

    We  now know  for sure that UHURU, RUTO will not vie for presidence.

    • Boiyot

      we hope they will stand down… Otherwise we might be seeing some chest thumping and stupid heroics…

  • anonymous

    mchimba kaburi huingia mwenywe. Vengeance belongs to God!

  • Juma

    Game Over for Uhuru? Yes, if found guilty. Otherwise, watch this space.

  • Nash

    Kabisa!  It is time leaders learn they are accountable for their actions.

  • Pratt

    Am totally opposed to any Kenyan being tried in foreign lands. Whats even more insulting is the fact that those who called for murderous mass action are not any where to be seen. That to true Kenyans, is selective approach to a very serious issue indeed. And not only that, guys celebrating this turn of events are well known merchants of deceit. Why and their party is over? Before Kenyans realize that we are all intertwined in every national issue, we would have lost several years for nothing. We need to weed out fellows whose sole purpose in politics is merely to cause trouble. I certainly dont see the point of a senior politician keeping in tow of his junior. Furthermore, whats the purpose for that other than cause trouble? These are the same same fellows who visited blood letting on us by faking election theft. And since they have not been held to account, they are ever ready to cause trouble yet again. Perhaps, its about time this country took another clearer look at PEV. After all, when justice Waki was at it, the situation was too fluid. Infact, merchants of deceit had rolled out propaganda that seemingly threatened those who wanted to testify against them. Violence was elavated to a virtue. Statements like where were you when the country was on fire, had been elavated to levels we have never seen before. The fact that only few places infested with certain folks (and why?) were the epicenter of PEV was never the issue. 

    • shikukudamu

       You should ask yourself why you think a person accused of crimes against humanity should not stand trial at the ICC. Like wise you should be honest with yourself in accepting the fact that if these cases were brought to Kenya justice would be bought! a good example of this is the Ruto case of land grabbing at the Ngong forest! If these guys are innocent there is no better stage in the world to prove that than the ICC. May l also remind you that Ruto wanted the ICC and not a local tribunal thinking that it will take years. Some of you guys should stop thinking with your tribe and use your brains. Remember that people lost lives, there were victims!

      • Pratt

        First, the main issue here is that known culprits have been left out of this. Am sure you know what am saying. Secondly, trying our brothers in other lands is a national shame for all patriotic Kenyans. That being the case, I cant overlook the fact that some of you are merely insisting on Hague option, hoping against hope, that your idol might land at state house. Infact, most people gleefully crying for ICC trial are only driven by self-interest and outright tribalism. Its important to note that when VP Kalonzo was assigned shuttle diplomacy by the president, cowards turned extreme heat on him. They forget unnecessary spending of Shs. 601,000/= per night for hotel room was far worse! However, when it became clear that the trials were reducing them to demaged goods, a pretentious press statement was released in support of that shuttle diplomacy. Ostensibly, “without consulting” this husband! Only a retard cant see this glaring self-serving attempt to support that diplomacy. At that point is only when you ask yourself, whats up? Some of our guys are only driven by their greed for power and no more. You must have noticed that some one’s folks just go by what he says but not whats the truth. Am sure if the top Odm fellow was accused, the wind certainly would fly in a different direction. Those who are used to playing fake victims would surely be begging for our support. As a genuine patriotic Kenyan, I would surely give that support without hesitation, as long as our national pride is threatened. Am not supportive of people whom I align with politically. My conviction against outside trials runs across the board. We are all brothers only certain individuals are prone to introducing mischiefs even where its not nevessary. I dont believe the brothers charged with crimes against humanity are eve the right people for that at all. And a good lot of Kenyans share my view anyway. This futile malicious attempt to crate space for some people is going to turn lethal brother, make no mistake about it. Brother Hon. Ruto has explained circumstances  surrounding this land you are talking about. Witnesses were called in the court and explained the situation. All indications were that, in the first place, there was no case but an attempt to silence the brother politically. However, by the time the case came up for hearing, that political aspect had moved from one side of the baracade to the other. Thus, affording these cheats straight propaganda weapon. Had the brother remained in Odm, that purported thievery wont be issue at all! You certainly dont think I have maintained my sustained heat on merchants of deceit for nothing? We know how these things have been twisted literally for selfish ends. Brother Hon. Ruto never wanted trials at the Hague at all. He had ony taken a political stand that was right then. But after realizing that commanders in chief of Odm were not amongst the accused, he swiftly engaged a reverse gear. If your favorite village idol is charged by ICC at the end, for it will surely happen, would you take the same stand as now?

        • Xxbox

           Pratt,I think all your talking about is about ODM.Let me ask you in your view do you see any wrong among the ICC 4?
          You targeting certain individuals in ODM according to your comments above.My view is I think you are an interested supporter of 1 or 2 of the ICC 4.Therefore you view does not hold any water.Don’t think along the tribal line,think as a Kenyan.

          • Pratt

            We are used to be called tribalists whenever we tell the truth. I go for facts and facts alone pal! Obviously, as far as am concerned, you dont seem to have said anything at all. What you have done is to try to hide under the banner of empty tribal accusations. We know tribalism is only supposed to be there when G7 is involved, not the other way round. Thats why I have taken it upon myself to pursue this unrelenting heat on you guys. I support my brothers in G7 and I have never hidden that. Whoever thinks supporting them is a crime is up to him. As concerns ICC cases, I certainly stand behind brothers Hon. Ruto and Hon. Uhuru. We know who was behind those chaos. We also know who called for murderous mass action. Even before that, some one had gone around declaring that he was going to cut “this ever crowling pumpkin vile plants to size.” That person was certainly neither Ruto nor Uhuru! That alone makes me hold stickly to my two brothers. National pride is also very much at play pal. My comments about commanders in chief of Odm are very clear. You need not doubt ny position for I have no qualms about it. You therefore need to master more facts before you allow your tribal loyalty to carry you away dear! Your futile incoherent defence for merchants of deceit is actually the one that cant even hold a drop of water!!!!  

        • shikukudamu

           As to the last question you asked that is exactly my point. First of all my answer is Yes. And then this is what l mean when l say you  are thinking with your tribe and not your brain. Since he is your village idol therefore he cannot do anything wrong? The man is a suspect infact you should be happy that he will have the chance to prove his innocence on the international stage!. As for the Ngong  land that is nonsense and lies just like the lie your village idol was propagating about gay marriage in the constitution and that Raila is the one who put his name on the Ocampo list. It has since come to pass that the man also grabbed another land and he accepted to give it back but since he is your village idol of cause all that is ” my community is being targeted”   Second of all there are reasonable grounds to believe that your village idol probably committed these crimes hence the confirmation of charges otherwise they would have let him go like brothers Kosgey and Ali. Your Village idol only reason to want to be the president is so as to stop Raila from doing so perhaps this is village politics?

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