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capital lifestyle instagrammer gareth pon

“ I aim to always capture an image that conveys a certain level of emotion, if I don’t feel the shot. I usually don’t publish it.”

So says Gareth Pon, one of Africa’s top Instagrammers and Capital Lifestyle’s Instagrammer of the Week.

The filmmaker, photographer, and passionate creative from South Africa has spent the last few years pursuing the potential of Mobile Photography and developing the South African Instagrammers community. His journey has led him to provide creative consultation on maximizing the use of Instagram, build communities, and expand awareness of  brands across digital platforms in a creative way through Instagram, film, and photography.

Pon is Africa’s top Instagrammer of 2014 & 2015 and has been featured by various platforms including CNN, MTV, Huffington Post, DailyTekk Art.Mic, Mail & Guardian, Resource Magazine and Instagram’s official blog, as well as partnering with tech giant Samsung South Africa in becoming their Official Digital Imaging Ambassador in 2015.

On Pon’s Instagram feed, it’s common to see incredibly beautiful details of the culture that surrounds us. From beautiful urban sunsets accentuated by colourful footwear and vibrant socks, to moving portraits of people who are shaping conversations in different cities, and to beautiful moments of reflection in expansive nature – Pon entrances every visitor that finds themselves stalking his feed.

Capital Lifestyle hooked-up with him to find out how photography and Instagram have impacted his journey in Mobile Photography.

capital lifestyle instagrammer gareth pon - profile

What cameras do you enjoy shooting with and what do you like most about them?

Even though I always carry a camera around with me, I really shoot with whatever device I have on me at the moment, nowadays the quality of image you can produce just with a phone is incredible. My usual arsenal currently includes a Nikon D810, iPhone 6s+, Moment Lenses and a DJI Osmo. I love the “beefiness” of a proper DSLR, a lot of people have moved to mirrorless lately, but there’s something really appealing about having a camera that has a bit of weight on it. My moment lenses go with me wherever I go, they give you such a great difference of perspective when shooting on a phone and the Osmo is just a great new toy, it keeps me on my toes!

Where do you shoot most of your photos and what sort of photos do you like to take best?

I shoot on the go, I have the opportunity to travel a lot and I focus on getting a different perspective wherever I go. I’ve also noted various spots in different cities which I love and where I know I can take great portraits.

What are your top tips for taking captivating Instagram photos?

  • Think first before you snap
  • Find a different perspective
  • Feel the image
  • Embrace the light
  • Don’t duplicate, innovate.

Which three Instagramers do you recommend everyone to follow?

@omarzrobles – beautiful shots of dancers in NYC
@1924us – a flurry of beautiful images
@lily__rose – dynamite comes in small packages


How has Instagram influenced your profession and your business?

Even though I’ve always been in content creation and media, I’ve now made Instagram a big part of my business. It’s a big space and still very new, much of what I do has now been influenced not only by Instagram but also by the immense amount of amazing creatives that I’ve met through the platform.

5 Favourite Gareth Pon Instagram Posts

"Colourful scale, shooting people I’ve known for years but only met in person last year."

“Colourful scale, shooting people I’ve known for years but only met in person last year.”

capital lifestyle instagrammer gareth pon - new york steam

“Timing is super important when it comes to capturing images, this one I got really lucky!”

capital lifestyle instagrammer gareth pon - jozi

“Classic Johannesburg trains from Nelson Mandela Bridge”

capital lifestyle instagrammer gareth pon - la

“Some time in LA, getting a different perspective with my good friend @laurenlemon”

capital lifestyle instagrammer gareth pon - mauritius

“Taking the opportunity to kiss the sun while on holiday in Mauritius.”



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