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  • Sometimes figures bandied about by our officials do not make sense. Have a look: The primary school free education for one year costs shs 64b. This figure, well calculated and documented, makes the shs 31b for a one-day election a bit unrealistic. Then there is the shs 2b required for distribution of free sanitary pads to school going girls. Compare this to the shs 64b above. Do these officials know something that we don’t? To convince us, they must be transparent. Unfortunately, in the public fora that they have appeared, these commissioners have been playing on our fears of chaos more that giving us solid, bankable figures. I think it is time for them to go public with their budget.

  • JOM

    the initial budget would have easily passed through if the selfish MPs stomach were benefit. What a country we have!

  • mary

    yes we support yr budget but why be unfair to pple who are in the regional offices who have been of great support to us they started the offices but now they have been left out in recruitments that has been going on why this they have served us for the last 3 yrs

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