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  • david

    This was a moving and fresh approach to politcs.

    • Kenyamoja

      The movie was interesting but with the same cast while the main actors are the same again and again. May be they now have new ideas but looking at their actions and believes, boy don’t expect any change from these crop of politicians.  We need experienced and smart managers for this country to prosper. I’m yet to be convinced that UK, MM, RAO, WSR, Wiper, MK et all fits this bill. Those who will convince us that they will deliver us from hopeleness to a secured future as a united nation without tribal inclinations will have my vote regardless of who s/he is. Time will tell.

  • Yes I believe in Kenya unlike those always calling for foreign institutions to come and run Kenya like we don’t have  capable citizens. If you don’t believe in Kenya, pick another country, move and leave those who believe in Kenya to build and move her forward. Our intelligent, hard-working, and enterprising youth, I believe will move our dear country to great heights of progress. This is the time to set a new tone and framework in our relationship with the rest of the world. The respect we unselfishly and willingly offer other countries must be reciprocated. Those so-called international friends who are obsessed with controlling us must now get the message: the country has come of age, and we are no longer willing to accept patronage. Genuine friendship and shared values we seek, but manipulation and domination are most unwelcome. Our sovereignty is precious and not up for negotiation.

    • Patel

       What families have those “International Friends” dealt with to screw the country since independence?

      • They do it through proxies like you Patel.

      • aluko

        Just look at his ICC legal team and you will understand how must he values Kenyans

    • Mazzdark

      If it is China, ‘we can talk, ama?

  • Patel

    The Kenyatta and Moi families are the root cause of Kenya’s Economic misperformance. Anyone would be a cretin to swallow this swill. How long has he been in the cabinet and what did he do for the youth? Kenyans are such morons to believe in this GEMA nonsense!!!

    • Oneskaren

      it is not gema nonsense,  it is you the nonsense! so little minded that a kikuyu is gema, so what are you? no wonder where you belong can only think that way, that so and so belongs to that n that….wake up dude and be delivered from follishness of hatred!!

    • Wil-hope01

      so are the pattnis, Patels and jayesh of later days, the type that thinks they are bigger than Kenya.

    • Juma

      The Kenyatta and Moi families are the root cause of Kenya’s Economic misperformance ” Jeez! you did! you who served as civil servants, ministers, chiefs. with your greed and demand for Toa Kitu Kidogo!

      You who followed without question!! Democracy is here lets use it. blame here blame there and no action.

      We are the country, we bring change. iBelieve.

  • Kamau

    1) In order to support for presidency, one who is accused by the ICC for Crimes Against Humanity, you must support his actions.

    2) To support a failed finance minister for presidency you must not care about your taxes

    3) To support a tribal chief for presidency you must be a tribalist..

    4) To support a non-youth candidate who claims to want to give youth empowerment when he’s been in power all along participating in the dis-empowerment of youth you must be a insane.

    5) If UK claimed leadership, he would start be returning to tax payers, the land his father stole. Some constituents of this country are squatters because of his family.

    6) To believe a politician’s words and not deeds, irrespective of their track record and history, you must be a half-wit.

    • John mnyes

      Kamau, u r bure Kabisa n I don’t believe that’s your real name. We don’t support TNA bcos of Uhuru as a kikuyu or son of the founding father of the nation, but rather based on his qualities as a leader. I look fwd to the ballot time n UK will be he next president who will transform this country into a medium economy within his first term. No tribalism or selfishness. I Believe tuna weta..

      • Kariku

        you have issues john munyes uhuru should return all the land and properties his father/relatives/friends  stole in central, rift, pwani etc… kamau didn’t mention tirbe but according to you he can’t be a kamau or kikuyu because he raise very legit issues with the kenyatta family/uhuru.its your kind that enabled kenyatta send millions of kikuyu to rift valley as sqautters while stealing their land in central.the kenyattas can even kill your family and you will still support them simply because his a of  backward and primitive minds-kenyans.

        • Firstpmi

          All I can say is that charity begins at home, and actions speak louder than words.
          Let us all do what we can to change this beautiful country of ours. The one thing we cannot afford to do is to sweep all the trash under a carpet and hope no one sees it.
          If this is going to work we must come out clean, and indeed talk candidly about our
          past, our future and our expectations.

           I would like to know why I get water in my tap
          only once a week and it rains heavily every single day.

          I would like to know why the price of milk went up by 50% and the pretext was drought?
          It has been raining for a while and the prices are still high up there?

          I would like to know how the youth can work with the current transport system where the fare to Rongai is KSH 250, or from kahawa where the fare is KSH 100 one way.

          I would like to know how Ksh 1 billion is available to be paid in advance to hospitals
          for a service they cannot access, yet the money is yet to be deducted from the employees ( NB only 600m had been paid out, apparently another 700m was to be paid before Atwoli blew the whistle). This probably means the money being collected currently  can do a lot more than what it is currently doing. I doubt If NHIF borrowed money to pay the hospitals.

          I would like to understand why TNA is not holding party nominations for the presidential aspirants. Or if it is what choices do we have?

          I would like to know what all the other members of parliament were doing at this function.
          did they come as friends or are they members of this party. We need politicians who are focused, not those who ride along with the latest trend.

          I would like to know what is stopping the current ministers from shedding the “feathers” and “claws” of tribalism and corruption.

          I would like to know why we are importing maize when we have so much arable land. What  has stopped the current leaders from ensuring food security.

          I would like to know what happened to the irrigation schemes, to the cotton industry, to the dairy industry, the Kenya meat commision.

          I would like to know why some people dont pay tax and others pay tax yet the constitution is clear that everybody should pay tax. I would like to know what TNA has to say about this.

          I would like to know why the issue of sovereignity is addressed selectively. I dont buy the line that foreigners are destroying our country. They cannot do it on their own without our help.

          And neither can we exist as an Island. The world is going global, we are mostly a consumer society and we rely heavily on the developed countries and emerging economies. We need each other. Even this computer I am using was imported.
          It was not made in Kenya.

          I believe in Kenya, not in individuals. I also know that we need an individual to lead us to achieve our dreams. But I would like to have a choice. I would like to have options to choose from. I would like to see healthy competition, because that is what brings out the best. But when leaders are imposed on us, leaders who have had the opportunity to make changes but did not, then we are simply repeating history. Getting into the same old cycle.

          As we work on the “I believe campaign”, we should work on the I would like to Know campaign.  The concept is great, and it was refreshing to watch for the first time in my life, a political Rally where no threats, abuses and mud slinging was the order of the day. A lot of issues were raised but very few bold questions were asked. Let us not forget that Kenya’s problems will not be solved overnight, and will not be solved by great speeches only. We need people who walk the talk.

          I have no doubt that the majority of Kenyans believe in Kenya. Some wake up early every day and walk to work for over 5km.  Our ministers would rather have 3 cars each fuelled by the tax payer for both official and private functions.

          Over the next months we need to watch as things unfold, and if indeed these guys walk the talk. They have started a great movement but we have seen this before. So I say, we must hold them accountable every step of the way. We must work with their rallying call of issues based politics. And we must judge them by both their  talk and their deeds.

          Change will not come from the top and trickle downwards. It will have to come from the Mwananchi. We must be accountable and hold the leaders accountable. We must ask questions, we must not follow blindly.

          Most other Rallies are about politicians engaging in “Mchongoano” and shouting and dancing contests. We have allowed them to do this because we do not ask the right questions, or we dont want to ask the right questions. So as we say I believe, in the same breath we should ask “I would Like to know……” and as Wamalwa put it, I ask why not?

          Lastly, I would like to see the financial records of TNA and how they are raising the funding for this drive. How much did it cost and where is the money coming from and how we can contribute. We can only own a process that we are part of, one that we have a stake in.

          If this is not out in the open, there will be serious problems ahead. It was definitely not a cheap event. It was very colorful.

          • Mazzdark

            One of the silent thinking but watching majority

    • Juma

      1: Accused. remember that word Accused. and also remember who threw the first stone.

      2: Failed? He has brought into action many of the changes only if you are economically active can you know what those changes are. they are bearing fruit right across the country.

      3: tribal chief? Loved by his people, millions and counting. so what?

      4: non-youth! how old are you, 10? He is at the prime of youth, right age for a President!!

      5: If you have a case go to court. any court. stop domo domo.

      6: politicians represent, he represents and he acts. his track record is above board. so shut up.

  • Mbuthiasilvano

    the son of Jomo isn’t in the game 4 a ride…….he cld win if that son from the Lake continues to backslide……in 1st round actualy!!!

  • anonymous

    UK will get support from his fellow thieves and hooligans. UK’s dad is the cause of problems in Kenya today how can a poison turn out to be a medicine again? The money UK has is bloody- corrupt is only stupid people who want to safeguard their corrupt gotten properties will vote for him. We should not vote UK in power. He is ranked among the richest man in Africa, but what has he done to help poor kenyans? do not be fooled by fancy expensive party launch.. hiyo ni pesa yenu ambayo waliiba. In fact UK might be a surrogate who is linked to foreigners to fleece kenyans of their right to live and own property. What happened after independence is not clear, . why did he put make-ups in his lips..the answer is simple for those who are alert… call this guy and interview him infront of people who now well nd you will be surprised. and again you want him to become your president? what …hell no! their is alot kenyans do not know …money -market manipulation , corrupt land deals, and man-made  inflation by UK groups…other poor Kenyans have been made renters by well calculated moves by sons and daughters of UK likes.

    • olujo

      the author of this is very predictable.this kind of hate speech can only come from people that hate should work hard and earn your own money.”anonymous”

      • anonymous

        Just by reading your comments ones gets your ill-infected mind..that you support rich people without knowing their origin of their money.. Kenyans have eyes and have gone to school to study simple minds like yours and how you are blinded by your cave-like life. We do not support rich people and fancy them blindly, but see through their hearts and actions for actions speaks louder than words..Do you know how Kenyans are suffering? Are you saying those who are suffering are not hard working? The play ground is not fair.. But wewe hutasaidika cause bado uko 10th century.

    • doretheri

      uhurus dad has nothing to do with TNA stick to the will die early if you keep thinking about this myths  that happend even before you were born,talk about stolen land ,you cant even pin point one plot that you claim was stolen.your evidence is relying so much on propaganda and paukwa pakawa myths.

      • Jannadas

        This is no  propaganda I personally know of a Asian family in Ruiru who has a coffee plantation farm,poor guy was kicked out overnight for refusing to give it to Kenyatta.The same family now resides in Canada.They were forcefully taken to the Airport that very day.Should you need evidence it is there.There are many incidents of this nature.

  • anonymous

    to hell with UK launch of tena na agwambo party…in fact he should not remind us of the ills his father did to kenyans. We have forgiven Kenyatta and Moi families.. we cannot afford to recycle these old jaded rogues…hell no!

  • Lavedith

     I wonder if the Queens language resonated with those empty looks of that common man that graced the occasion.

  • Hawama

    Believe in what?.

  • doretheri

    i belive its uhuru who is seeking for  presidency not his dad,if you have a problem with his dad,the courts are wide open and they will be glad to assist .

    • anonymous

      Have  you been to court yourself? is there justice in those courts you are talking about? you know the answers but you are just being stupid and dumb! Where did UK get all the land, i guess you are a beneficiary of UK.. no wonder you in UK’s pocket like gwacee..ati mko na bidii ya biashara.. I pray that we get a president from other regions apart from central alafu wezi wanyongwe then uende uangalie  watu gani wananyongwa kama hutapata watu wenu huko..

      • doretheri

        There is nothing for free.if you are waiting to get a piece of uhurus land you must be dreaming .i can tell you are the kind of people who keep on praying for a welfare state .Before you start bashing uhuru,show me what you side of mkeka nusu has done for the country,and ill show you what my side of mkeka nusu has done for me and the country.shinda hapo ukiteta. 

    • Jannadas

      The past will always haunt you.

  • UKCentral

    Most people writing these comments will not even vote. However, If they do vote, they have only one vote which may be one of the spoilt ones, hence inconsequential. I see no benefit of expressing too much anger, jealousy and bitterness against one tribe when one is seated in his lap top alone. There are other reasonable ways of expressing or releasing this bitterness and stress rather than though this forum. UK support is too solid to be shaken by tribal hatred and negative ethnicity. Clearly, this is an energetic, charismatic leader who will transform Kenya and assist the underdeveloped areas such as Kisumu and Kibera.

  • Mkenya Mzalendo

    I believe bwana Uhuru Kenyatta can get the job done due to his intelligence, consistency and a past record. Everyone has their own opinion but the best place to express it plain and simple is the ballot box elsewhere it’s plain Gibberish!

  • a new vehicle called TNA but the engine capacity is too low and also the driver and the passengers have no specific destination.They have just board the vehicle not knowing where they are going or heading to.they might land in a ditch and cause a nightmare to this great nation with great people

  • Aptbks

    Talk is cheap. this social justice rallying doesnt wash, especially in a country where one family amashed every possible wealth to the exclusion of everyone else. Landlessness is a major social problem in this country than Uhuru and his cohorts wants us to believe. he is not even facing it. Shame on you Uhuru, that you could display such lavishness in a country where IDPs are still in camps.

  • olujo

    the author of this is very predictable.this kind of hate speech can only come from people that hate should work hard and earn your own money.”anonymous”

  • mtetezi

    I have been believing for the last 40 years. Each election year after the other…. What do you think will be different this time round???

  • nyakenda

    Good good good now lets turn to issues. Can UK deal with historic injustices? if so all the land that was grabbed in the earlier years of independence (and we know who they belong to) must be returned. Two, can UK deal with tribalism? You just need to look at Ministry of Finance where he was the boss and you will appreciate what ‘ethnicisation’ is similarly take a close look at Ministry of Internal security and agencies/ services under it. Three we are talking about youth (youth begin from 18 – 35) so clearly UK is not in this bracket. UK talked of ‘continuity’ – continuity in what – tribalism or what? UK has to work really hard to convince Kenyans that he is the right guy for the job. So far of all the presidential aspirants who have declared their interest my vote is still up for grabs. I want an issue based candidate without any baggage!

  • Mkenya Mzalendo

    Although everyone has a right to their opinion, It disgusts to see such an extravagant display of wealth when there are so many kenyans dying of hunger, so many jobless youth, soo many schools without teachers, so many hospitals without doctors, soo many slums and kenyans living in squalor, soo much inequality, soo many bad roads, inflation hitting the roof and as many evils as there can be to write about. All tis wealth, if they were keen to help kenyan youth, would have helped alleviate the poverty, disease and ignorance in our populace.

  • Jgaimu

    I believe in WEalth Declaration

  • Juma

    It is very interesting to see the vile that some people spew here! You
    mean we can’t have another leader other than the son of jaramogi? Mudavadi is
    not Good Enough?  Eugene Wamalwa is not
    Good Enough? Uhuru Not Good Enough?

    If you are a democrat you must let all this budding
    future leaders have their day at the ballot, lets talk policies otherwise you
    are no different to those minority nutters that took panga/machete to their
    fellow Kenyans because they voted for kibaki (evidence: January 2008 bbc
    interviews of odm supporters).

    Just after independence land injustice was
    committed right across the board, this can be corrected if we elect the right
    group of politicians, and we also put pressure on these politicians to deliver (normally
    we let them be after they are elected!!!)

    Remember FORD? remember why it failed? remember
    2007/2008 why no one would go to court but target Kibaki supporters for
    lynching? Is this the Kenya we want, you haters of democracy?

    Democracy doesn’t come easy, you work hard for it,
    just like we had to work hard for our independence from the colonialist. 

    Democracy gives you room for change if you take the
    route of justice and not hatred!!



    your vote for change not your panga! panga is for shamba as vote card is for
    change!! otherwise illegal!! Injustice.


  • Onduwill

    Time for change has come for all it doesn’t matter whether its uhuru kenyatta or who

    so long a good leader is chosen.The nation of Kenya belongs to 40 plus tribes.

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