#Gadgets: Is this the smartest lunchbox?

prepd pack

Prepd Pack, arguably the smartest lunchbox ever invented, is captivating backers on KickStarter with backers funding their campaign in less than 6 hours.

With 8 days left in their campaign, founders Chris Place and Will Matters have secured more than USD$838,000 – 33 times more than their initial USD$25,000 goal.

Taking lunch to work allows people to better control their diet, save money and reducing packaging waste, however it’s a habit that many find difficult to sustain. The Prepd team is seeking to change this with the Prepd Pack, a new type of lunchbox and smart recipe app designed to streamline the entire process and provide a significantly better experience.

The lunchbox features integrated magnetic cutlery, and an inbuilt silicone placemat to catch spills and crumbs, while the modular containers are made from a premium food safe material and can be put in the freezer or microwave. The containers are also entirely leak-proof to ensure they’re safe for transporting lunch to work in your satchel or under arm. Buying multiple sets of containers enables users to batch cook for days in advance.

The accompanying app allows users to browse ‘make at home’ recipes and meal plans created to fit the containers perfectly. The recipes – created by nutritionists and chefs – can be cooked for multiple days quickly in one go, allowing users to prepare their weekly lunches in advance and keep on a healthy diet. The app also outputs customised shopping lists to remove the guesswork from deciding what to purchase and for how much, reducing food waste in the process. By encouraging people to take their own lunches, the designers also hope to reduce the amount of food and packaging that is in our landfills.

The app also automatically knows what you eat based upon the recipe that the user has cooked and uses this data to quantify what has been consumed – centralizing the information storing the user’s health and fitness data in one place.

Key features of Prepd Pack

 Slim and lightweight Bamboo carry case

 Food Safe, Leakproof Tritan containers

 Stackable modular containers system for ease of use

 Insulation Sleeve

 iOS and Android App curated by Nutritionists and Chefs

 Multi-day meal plans

 Shopping lists to better keep to budgets

 Automated tracking of nutritional information

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