Destination of the Week: Lake Turkana

There, where craters pop up in the middle of the lake, and a water body meets a desert, one can find one of the most fascinating East African lakes. Lake Turkana, formerly also known as Lake Rudolf, stretches out from northern Kenya to Ethiopia and, thanks to its uniqueness, attracting not only local, but also international tourists.


Lake Turkana, source:

One can not count how many names Lake Turkana already had in its history. As world’s largest permanent desert lake and largest alkaline lake is one of the main tourist destinations in the northern part of the country. The reason why it is so special is the volcanic ground the lake is located on. Thanks to complicated volcanic processes going on under lake’s surface, its waters are rich in carbon dioxide and numerous craters can be seen on its surface.

While in the area, one can not miss visiting the Central Island National Park. It consists of two craters filled in with water. One crater lake is occupied by crocodiles and is a great view point, the other one “belongs” to flamingoes.

It is not difficult to imagine a place is extremely hot and the temperature can reach even 40 degrees Celsius. Knowing the sun is usually strong, as on a desert, make sure you carry sufficient amount of water, something to cover your head and a sunblocker with you.

As the area is quite remote and definitely not recommended for a one day trip, it is good to have an accommodation booked before you set up. There are plenty of lodges and guest houses along the lake. They can be found and booked in advance on websites like A good place to stay can be Eliye Springs Resort, located right by the lake, on the Western shores of Lake Turkana.

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