#ClosetCare101: How to care for your garments

This Is Ess Tips on Caring for your Clothes Lifestyle 7

Housekeeping – and particularly when it comes to caring for your clothes – may not be the most exciting task known to man. But it is an integral part to making sure you stay in love with the pieces you own.

After the P&G Future Fabrics conference where experts shared tips on how to care for different fabrics using their core products, Ariel and Downy, it got me caring for my clothes different; making sure to clean, protect and store them better.

This Is Ess Tips on Caring for your Clothes Lifestyle 3

Here are 7 things I took away from the #FutureFabrics conference that could help you care for the contents of your closet better:

  1. Understand the fabric. Your closet is likely made up of pieces made from different fibres (both natural and synthetic, and often mixed) so understanding what each fibre requires is important. Do you research and care for your garments accordingly.
  2. Read the care label. Put your hand up if your guilty of often ignoring the care labels on your garments. I see you! Often garments will come with care instructins which shouldn’t be taken for granted.
  3. Use the right products. The right detergent and fabric conditioner will clean and protect your clothes at the same time. It also doesn’t hurt that they come out smelling great if you use the right products which ultimately works towards making you feel great!
  4. Get your hands dirty. A washing machine may seem like an easy way out but be careful not to use it at the expense of your garments. The mechanical energy of the machine actually wears your clothes out in the long run so opt for hand washing your clothes when you can.
  5. Turn your clothes inside out. When washing, always turn your clothes inside out (unless there’s a particular stubborn stain you can’t get rid of) and dry them this way too to protect your garment.
  6. Store them properly. For instance, never hang your sweaters as they will end up stretching out and keep your blazers on hangers with the right shoulder support. Zippers should be zipped and buttons buttoned to prevent possible tears.
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