What Your Cravings Could Be Telling You


It is normal for women to crave certain foods at certain times of the month or for several months at a go when they are expectant because our hormones are always at play. But did you know that men have food cravings too? And did you also know that when we crave certain things like carbs, sugar, fried foods, chocolate and salty foods from out of the blue our bodies could be trying to send us a message of a certain mineral deficiency? Certain food cravings can also be as a result of dehydration, food addiction or as a result of an imbalanced lifestyle.

Your body knows what it needs to function optimally. Therefore, a craving is a message sent to your brain by your body after detecting a deficiency. The interesting bit is that we often crave foods that are not good for us because sadly these are the foods our brains have registered as the sources of deficient nutrients because of the strong response we often have towards these particular foods.

Cravings should never be ignored, because there’s a message that comes with them: This is what your body could be telling you when you have cravings.

*If you’re Craving Chocolates, then your body could be deficient in Magnesium. You can sort this by eating raw Cacao, green vegetables, Fruit, Nuts and Seeds.

*If you’re Craving Sugary Foods, then your body could be deficient in either carbon, chromium, phosphorus, Sulphur or Tryptophan which we can get from cheese, fruit and mixed nuts.

*If you’re Craving Carbohydrates, then you need to stock up on nuts, seeds, beans, red meat, Spinach, Peas and Asparagus as these are good sources of Nitrogen which could be lacking from your diet hence the carbs cravings.

*If you’re Craving Salty Foods, then you need a diet rich in silicon and Chloride which can be found in nuts, seeds and fatty fish.

*If you’re Craving Fatty Foods, you could be deficient in Calcium and therefore you will need to eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, Almonds, sunflower seeds, cheese and organic milk to curb this mineral deficiency.

In a nutshell, eating a diverse diet of plant-based foods should solve your cravings problems.

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