#WeirdNews: Cat forced to wear sunglasses due to medical condition

cat wear sunglasses

A two-year-old cat named Bagel has to wear sunglasses due to a medical condition in which she was born without eyelids.

The two-year-old moggy, named Bagel, has to rock a pair of cool shades at all times due to a medical condition in which she was born without eyelids and is unable to develop tears.

Owner Karen McGill, who adopted Bagel when she was just two months old, said: “Bagel is the most loving, gentle, calmest, kindest cat that you’ll ever meet.

“Everyone always wants to touch her as well as hold her. They want to stop and talk to me about her sunglasses which I always do since it’s so rare to see a cat in glasses, and I tell them why she’s wearing them as well as her condition.”

But it’s not just a pair of sunglasses the furry creature has to wear as she also has to pull on some clothes as well because she’s unable to regulate her body temperature.

Karen explained to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “If I didn’t adopt Bagel she probably would’ve been returned and euthanised due to her special needs – I couldn’t fathom Bagel not being here. She has touched so many people as well as helped numerous people through situations in their lives.

“As long as I can put a smile on someone’s face, make them have a better day, look at life differently because of our posts, then her Instagram account is successful.”

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