Baby conceived on Valentine’s Day born with heart-shaped birth mark

heart shape

A baby who was conceived on Valentine’s Day last year has been born with a love heart birthmark on her forehead.

Poppy-Rae stunned her parents Jade and Liam last November when she was welcomed into the world with a pretty romantic mark printed on the middle of her head.

Jade told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I couldn’t believe when we spotted the heart on her head, especially after we worked out that she was conceived on Valentine’s Day last year.

“It was such a lovely coincidence. It definitely makes this Valentine’s Day extra special for us. Poppy-Rae is like our very own cupid baby. Now Liam and I can’t stop kissing her.”

The proud parents were initially worried the love heart, which doctors initially believed would fade as it was merely a pressure mark, was something more sinister.

But after getting the red spot checked out at their local GP surgery, the couple were assured it was just a birth mark.

Jade explained: “When I first noticed the mark on Poppy-Rae’s forehead turn bright red, I was a little concerned because I didn’t know what it meant.

“But we were relieved to find out that the birthmark didn’t pose any health problems for her.”

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