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  1. Avatar Kwessi Pratt May 18th, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    VP Kalonzo’s bag seems to be full of national duties but unncessary emphasis have been placed on his very least of items, why? May be some one is trying to suggest that he is wasting state funds? Certainly, Kalonzo would neither return here wearing ceremonial outfits nor would he have spent a cool Shs.601,000/= for a hotel room per night! May be we are trying to undercut him and why? Kalonzo seems to be a very good leader indeed with huge genuine love for country. However, alot of people seem to have false pre-determined reaction to his every move. May be Kalonzo has hidden sins that are not availed to the public? Or someone is trying to deny Kenyans a right of choice?


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